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3 Penny Stocks To Buy For Under $1, Are They Worth The Risk?

The Appeal of Penny Stocks: Are Inexpensive Shares Under $1 a Good…
The post 3 Penny Stocks To Buy For Under $1, Are They Worth The Risk? appeared first…



The Appeal of Penny Stocks: Are Inexpensive Shares Under $1 a Good Bet?

Penny stocks priced at less than one dollar seem very appealing. Just a small investment could potentially lead to huge returns. It’s understandable why speculative traders love gambling on these ultra-low-priced shares. But is it realistic to expect consistent profits from penny stocks under a dollar?

The attraction is clear. While the SEC defines any stock under $5 as a “penny stock,” it’s the sub-dollar ones that really capture attention. Even small price movements can translate into triple-digit percentage gains. Of course, losses can mount just as fast.

Finding Overlooked Penny Stocks

Are cheap penny stocks really undiscovered gems waiting to be found? For experienced traders with high-risk appetite, bargain basement stocks may provide a chance at big rewards. But for novice investors hoping to strike it rich quickly, penny stocks often lead to letdown rather than instant profits.

The key is analyzing fundamentals, not hype. By examining financials, leadership, market conditions, and potential catalysts, you can better judge if a penny stock is a wise bet. Gut feelings and wishful thinking won’t cut it in this world. You need realistic expectations if you want to identify real opportunities.

However, that doesn’t mean hype can’t help the cause. Look at a company like Connexa Sports Technologies (NASDAQ: CNXA). There weren’t any headlines that came out recently but a low price and some speculation helped propel CNXA stock more than 200% from its previous close on Monday.

What Do Successful Penny Stocks Traders Do?

Sometimes the odds seem stacked against profiting greatly on penny stocks under a dollar. For most individual investors, the excessive risk and stress often aren’t worth it. But with thorough research and reasonable goals, it is possible to uncover overlooked gems other traders have ignored. Just don’t bet everything on it. Approach penny stocks with eyes wide open. Consider consulting a financial advisor if you have doubts.

Penny Stocks Under $1 To Watch

Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

Aurora is another one of the marijuana penny stocks to watch. It has been making its own news in recent weeks. Some of the latest were regarding its sale of the Aurora Sun Facility being completed via Bevo Farms’ acquisition. Bevo is one of North America’s largest suppliers of propagated vegetables and ornamental plants.

marijuana industry

In an update, Aurora’s CEO, Miguel Martin, also mentioned, “Bevo has successfully repurposed the Aurora Sky facility in Edmonton, and we’re excited to further support their continued growth. Bevo’s acquisition of the Aurora Sun facility further demonstrates the close synergies between our companies and the value that our partnership creates for shareholders.”

The company also reported Q1 fiscal 2024 results. Aurora beat sales estimates by a wide margin, $55.91M versus $46.80M. Aurora also pointed out that there was meaningful Adjusted EBITDA growth realized. Miguel Martin noted the strong performance and explained, “We are pleased to have generated strong net revenue and record adjusted EBITDA during Q1, which positions us well for what we believe will be a successful fiscal year 2024.”

This week Aurora issued an update on the approval of transferring to the Nasdaq Global Select Market to the Nasdaq Capital Market. This became effective today (Sept. 19).

Avalo Therapeutics Inc. (AVTX)

Avalo Therapeutics has been focused on rebuilding itself in the market. Shares of the biotech penny stock tested fresh 52-week lows earlier this month below 10 cents per share. Since then, AVTX stock has recovered by more than 30%, partly thanks to headlines related to several of its treatment candidates.

3 Hot Penny Stocks To Watch Before The September Fed Meeting

In a deal with AUG Therapeutics, Avalo is selling its rights, title, and interest in assets related to AVTX-801, AVTX-802, and AVTX-803 for $150,000. The terms also include the potential for a milestone payment of up to $15 million apiece, totaling up to $45 million if the first FDA approval is for an indication other than a Rare Pediatric Disease.

“In AUG’s hands, these programs could advance to provide reliable treatments for patients in need. This divestiture also reaffirms Avalo’s unwavering commitment to executing our strategic focus on our immunology assets, which we believe hold the greatest value and potential for our shareholders,” stated Dr. Garry A. Neil, MD, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board at Avalo Therapeutics.

Canoo Inc. (GOEV)

Canoo is developing mobility technology solutions specific to the EV arena. Its platform includes purpose-built vehicles and accessories, including things like advanced battery packs.

The company recently announced earnings and its finalized incentive package with the Oklahoma Cherokee Nation. The combined value of this incentive plan is up to $113 million over 10 years. Since the news broke, shares of GOEV stock have steadily climbed back from their recent August lows. This week the penny stock sits right around $0.50.

In its most recent quarterly update, company CEO Tony Aquila said, “We are pleased to close the chapter involving the legacy SEC matter. Today we introduced the LDV 190, which has been in development for some time, including in customer trials. Our facilities are nearing substantial completion as we’ve achieved a 20,000 unit run rate for our battery module line in Pryor and robotics and assembly line in Oklahoma City for our MPP1 platform. And we closed another Fortune 100 customer agreement to purchase vehicles for its national fleet. We entered the revenue and income generation phase with the advancement of our contract with the Department of Defense, and we delivered vehicles to NASA.”

Based upon our current projections, Canoo expects Adjusted EBITDA of $(120) million to $(140) million and Capital Expenditures of $70 million to $100 million for the second half of 2023.

Like ACB, GOEV stock has transferred to the Nasddaq Capital Market this month.

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US Dollar Index Higher on JOLTs Data

Hiring was unchanged at around 5.9m (3.7%); total separations, which, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), include quits, layoffs, discharges…



Hiring was unchanged at around 5.9m (3.7%); total separations, which, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), include quits, layoffs, discharges and other separations, was also little changed at 5.7m (3.6%). The quit rate came in at 3.6m and was almost the same as the previous month at 2.3%. The BLS noted that the number of quits increased in accommodation and food services, finance and insurance, as well as state and local government.


Markets were not totally reactive on the back of this release. However, it did initially guide major US equity indices lower and lift the US Dollar Index to fresh YTD pinnacles, pulling price action to within striking distance of resistance on the daily timeframe at 107.61. The release also sent the USD/JPY beyond the ¥150.00 handle for the first time since October 2022 and weighed on the EUR/USD further under monthly support at $1.0516.


As seen from the monthly and daily charts below, the US Dollar Index demonstrates room to continue exploring higher levels.














The information contained in this material is intended for general advice only. It does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. FP Markets has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information as at the date of publication. FP Markets does not give any warranty or representation as to the material. Examples included in this material are for illustrative purposes only. To the extent permitted by law, FP Markets and its employees shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising in any way (including by way of negligence) from or in connection with any information provided in or omitted from this material. Features of the FP Markets products including applicable fees and charges are outlined in the Product Disclosure Statements available from FP Markets website, and should be considered before deciding to deal in those products. Derivatives can be risky; losses can exceed your initial payment. FP Markets recommends that you seek independent advice. First Prudential Markets Pty Ltd trading as FP Markets ABN 16 112 600 281, Australian Financial Services License Number 286354.


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Crypto Ponzi scheme AirBit: All but one exec now sentenced

AirBit Club co-founder Dos Santos is now the last AirBit defendant not yet sentenced but is scheduled to learn his fate on Oct. 4, 2023.



AirBit Club co-founder Dos Santos is now the last AirBit defendant not yet sentenced but is scheduled to learn his fate on Oct. 4, 2023.

The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York is progressing with the sentencing procedure of key individuals behind the cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme AirBit Club.

The office of the U.S. attorney for New York on Oct. 3 announced the sentencing of three of the five surviving defendants in the AirBit case, including Scott Hughes, Cecilia Millan and Karina Chairez. The sentences came months after all three defendants pleaded guilty to money laundering and other charges in the AirBit case in early 2023.

Hughes, an attorney who allegedly laundered approximately $18 million in AirBit Club fraud proceeds, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Millan, a senior-level promoter of AirBit Club, was sentenced to five years in prison. Chairez, another senior-level promoter of AirBit Club, was sentenced to one year and one day in prison.

Additionally, Hughes was sentenced to three years of supervised release. Millan and Chairez were also sentenced to three years and three months of supervised release, respectively.

The AirBit Club scheme was launched in late 2015 and was promoted as a “multi-level marketing club” in the cryptocurrency industry. The defendants provided promising presentations to trick investors into thinking that AirBit Club had guaranteed daily returns from crypto mining and trading. But instead of funding AirBit’s promoted crypto operations — which in fact had never been the case — $100 million of investors’ money went to the pockets of its founders and promoters.

Despite some users complaining about withdrawal delays and hidden fees in early 2016, the AirBit Club scheme managed to maintain its fraudulent activity until 2020.

AirBit Club presentation by Cecilia Millan from 2019. Source: YouTube

Announcing the sentences, U.S. attorney Damian Williams stressed that Hughes, Millan and Chairez each played a key role in perpetuating the AirBit Club pyramid scheme.

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“At the top-tier of promoters, Millan and Chairez for years aggressively solicited investments from and misled hardworking and unsophisticated investors to line their own pockets,” Williams said, adding:

“Today’s sentences send a message that anyone who facilitates cryptocurrency investment schemes — not only those at the very top of the pyramid — will face serious consequences for such crimes.

This comes after AirBit Club co-founder Pablo Rodriguez was sentenced to 12 years in prison in late September 2023. Dos Santos, another co-founder who has pleaded guilty to charges including wire fraud conspiracy, money laundering and bank fraud conspiracy, is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 4, 2023.

Santos will be the last defendant to be sentenced out of a total six defendants behind AirBit Club. Jackie Aguilar, who pled guilty in February 2023, reportedly passed away in May, a few weeks prior to sentencing.

Magazine: Blockchain detectives — Mt. Gox collapse saw birth of Chainalysis

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Here’s how Bitcoin investors can trade amid tension surrounding a US gov’t shutdown

Rumors of a U.S. government shutdown impact asset prices, including Bitcoin. Here’s how BTC options traders can capitalize on the 45 day funding deadline….



Rumors of a U.S. government shutdown impact asset prices, including Bitcoin. Here’s how BTC options traders can capitalize on the 45 day funding deadline.

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price bullish action toward $28,000 on Oct. 1 was partially fueled by the uncertainty regarding the United States debt limit. However, United States President Joe Biden signed the spending bill just hours before the Sept. 30 deadline, avoiding a government shutdown.

Investors now question whether the momentum remains favorable for cryptocurrencies, given that the worst-case political-economic scenario is no longer on the table. However, it is worth noting that this bill merely provides extra funding for the next 45 days, giving more time for the House and Senate to work on their funding plans for 2024.

At first glance, it might be tempting for investors to use futures contracts to go long on Bitcoin. However, there’s a significant risk of getting liquidated if the price suddenly drops, and it’s impossible to predict whether a successful budget discussion down the road will benefit cryptocurrencies.

With the current extension in place, lawmakers now need to find a solution before Nov. 17. According to Margaret Spellings, president and CEO of the Bipartisan Policy Center:

“We can’t continue postponing our fiscal health and negotiating on the brink of government shutdowns and debt defaults.”

There’s no doubt that, despite narrowly avoiding a crisis, the overall risk of an economic recession remains. The U.S. Federal Reserve is grappling with persistent inflation and rising energy prices, factors that have driven the S&P 500 to its lowest point in 110 days and pushed the 10-year Treasury yield to levels not seen since October 2007.

Additionally, oil prices have surged to $90, marking a 27.5% gain in just three months. This upward pressure on inflation is expected to further constrain economic activity.

On Sept. 27, Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari expressed uncertainty about whether interest rates have been raised sufficiently to combat this price growth.

Bitcoin’s initial reaction does not guarantee bullish momentum

Amid all this turmoil, Bitcoin has increased in value, breaking through the $28,000 resistance on Oct. 2. This performance prompted investors to anticipate heightened volatility for the cryptocurrency as the upcoming debt ceiling decision approaches.

Professional traders will avoid directional risk, given the uncertain outcome of the political debate, and opt for the reverse (short) iron butterfly, a limited-risk, limited-profit trading strategy.

Profit/loss estimate. Source: Deribit Position Builder

The prices mentioned were accurate as of Oct. 2, with Bitcoin trading at $28,326. All options listed expire on Oct. 27, but this strategy can also be adapted for different time frames. It’s essential to remember that options have a set expiry date, meaning that the price increase must occur during the defined period.

The recommended neutral-market strategy involves selling 5.4 contracts of $26,000 put options while simultaneously selling 5.4 call options with a $30,000 strike. To complete the trade, one should buy 5.8 contracts of $28,000 call options and an additional five contracts of $28,000 put options.

While a call option grants the buyer the right to acquire an asset, the contract seller assumes a potential negative exposure. To fully shield against market fluctuations, an investor must deposit 0.253 BTC (approximately $7,170), representing the maximum potential loss.

Conviction in volatility is essential, as the risk-reward is reversed

For this investor to profit, Bitcoin’s price must be below $26,630 on Oct. 27 (a decrease of 6%) or above $29,280 (an increase of 3.4%). In essence, the trade offers a potentially substantial profit zone, but losses are 90% higher than potential gains if Bitcoin remains stagnant.

The maximum payout is 0.133 BTC (roughly $3,770). However, if a trader believes that volatility is imminent, a 6% movement within 24 days appears achievable.

It’s important to note that investors have the option to reverse the operation before the options expire, preferably after a substantial Bitcoin price movement. To do this, they should repurchase the two options they had initially sold and sell the two options they had originally bought.

This article is for general information purposes and is not intended to be and should not be taken as legal or investment advice. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed here are the author’s alone and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions of Cointelegraph.

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