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About InvesBrain

Invesbrain is part of the NXT. Financial Media  group of websites. This site provides insight and expertise to investors through carefully curated aggregated and original content written by leading experts and commentators, together with our unique brand of analyst-driven equity research.

Unlike the other NXT investor websites, Invesbrain is not sector-focused but covers existing or emerging sectors where the next investing opportunity may reside. We’re not about blue-chip investing we exist to serve those looking for the next investment opportunity. We focus on economic news, opinions and research from leading experts and commentators and present investors with unique insights and knowledge into market fundamentals and economic dynamics driving financial markets.

More than ever before, untested economics and monetary theories are driving market action. Opinions have never been so diverse and so often challenged. This creates a new set of risks and rewards that demand a new and knowledge-driven approach to investing.

NXT. Financial Media is based in Toronto with an office in Vancouver, Canada.