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About Corona Stocks

The Covid-19 pandemic emerged in China at the end of 2019 and has since spread around the world with a death rate that could kill up to 10 million people. The damage to human lives goes beyond the tragedy of losing a loved one or friend and extends to almost everyone via the damage created within the global economy. Through forced lockdowns in dozens of countries around the world or through self imposed social distancing and isolation consumer and business behaviour has changed. We believe for the long term.

What We Believe

We believe that the pandemic will be with us longer than many hope for. That a vaccine will take longer to produce than hoped for. That second and third waves of infection will take place throughout the developed world and that widespread testing, contact tracing and containment protocols will become a normal part of life. That developing countries and those with weak healthcare systems will be unable to stop the pandemic from spreading throughout their populations.

We believe that consumers will live with the fear of contracting Covid-19 and giving it to their vulnerable families and friends. That they will avoid travel, large crowds, going to theatres and restaurants and begin moving out of cities. That the digital transformation of our society will accelerate and businesses will accept that WFH trends are beneficial. Businesses will also be saddled with the costs of new health regulations and governments will deal with changes in consumer expectations and attitudes towards health care. In short we believe we are not returning to “normal” and that a “new normal” will exist which creates opportunities for some, and challenges and failure for others.

Pandemic Impact Research

Corona Stocks attempts to translate our beliefs into actionable investor information by providing equity research screening and analysis of 7 factors and 30 specific indications we believe will impact companies during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. We also review a series of financial ratios designed to provide a snapshot of a company’s financial health and ability to deal with the challenges or opportunities created by the pandemic and its aftermath.

Financial Stress Test Analysis

We complete a financial analysis of each company we review by using data taken from their most recently audited financial statements. Our goal is to provide a snapshot of a company’s financial condition and ability to survive a prolonged period of reduced growth, and/or finance growth or restructuring to take advantage of new opportunities.

Website Content

Corona Stocks publishes articles and opinions that we believe are relevant to our overall goal of providing investors with the most useful, interesting and actionable information available. We source our content from our own writers, from contributors, and from third parties we believe expertise and credibility.