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FingerMotion, Inc. (NASDAQ: FNGR): A Closer Look at its 500% Surge

FingerMotion, Inc. (NASDAQ: FNGR) continues to gain traction in recent months,  gaining over 500% since June 9th, 2023 this year. If you’re reading…



FingerMotion, Inc. (NASDAQ: FNGR) continues to gain traction in recent months,  gaining over 500% since June 9th, 2023 this year. If you’re reading this now, you’re likely eager to understand the reasoning behind it. Based on their latest announcements, there are no dramatic changes fundamentally to warrant such price action. Yet their stock continues on a significant upward trend. From what we’ve seen, it appears to be the force of retail investors banding together to combat against manipulation, potentially creating the ultimate short squeeze.

Thoughts from Retail:

As per retail investors and a notable Twitter user known as HAMShortkiller, there is widespread concern regarding potential manipulation within FingerMotion. The chair of the U.S. securities stock exchange, Gary Gensler, is facing increasing criticism from investors who assert that the SEC tends to overlook white-collar crime allegations. To see what the fuss is all about, feel free to look into this video Kristen Shaughnessy shared on Twitter.

A lot of the commotion is around stock manipulation and malpractice by notable hedge funds. One user, BigC commented on the post above, “$40BB shock to the system. At what point does Jefferies realize they aren’t stopping the $FNGR deluge & mitigate losses? Or do they just roll over & become a Melvin Capital & let themselves implode? Unlike Melvin-there won’t be any Citadel to write them a $10BB check”.

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To better your understanding of fundamental tactics, we’ve provided a brief overview below. Naturally, no investor tolerates manipulation. The AMC and GME events were an initial testament to the strength of retail investors and their determination to resist such actions. Although early stage, it appears FingerMotion is following a similar trend, and more hedge funds could be in for a rude awakening as more investors join in on the retail army.  

The SEC on its way to protect retail investors
byu/Ren3666 inwallstreetbets

Before we jump into the tactics, it’s important to note that HAMShortkiller also shared a post about previous malpractice back in 2009, which highlights the story behind Rocker Partners and (NASDAQ: OSTK). There’s an important Vimeo at the bottom of the article, explaining all the major details of what happened and how these practices work. While this article is from over a decade ago, the user suggests some of the exact same practices are happening today with FingerMotion. Practices such as a “Bear raid“.

Exploring Stock Manipulation Tactics:

Hedge funds have a bag full of short shares at their disposal, letting them play with a stock’s price using tactics like short-ladder attacks. They go heavy on borrowed shares to bet against stocks, especially when the demand is high, stirring the stock prices. Strangely, these moves aren’t illegal or firmly tackled by the SEC yet, raising eyebrows on their potential manipulation.

Bear Raid:

Short sellers can strategically utilize both traditional media and online discussion platforms to spread negative narratives about the target company. Through leaked information to journalists, bloggers, and discussion boards, they aim to create a broad negative image.

This orchestrated use of media is geared towards sowing doubt and fear among investors, employing sensational headlines, speculative reports, and exaggerated claims to induce panic selling and drive down the stock price.

Social media platforms play a crucial role in rapidly amplifying these negative narratives. Short sellers and their networks leverage these channels to spread rumors, creating a chain reaction of panic selling and significant stock price volatility.

The collaboration between short sellers and the media seeks to fulfill a prophecy of fear, prompting sell-offs that benefit the short sellers. It’s essential for investors to critically evaluate information, considering multiple reliable sources, and to be discerning of sensationalized narratives, particularly those propagated on online discussion platforms. Verifying information from credible sources is vital to avoid falling prey to orchestrated attempts to manipulate stock prices for personal gain.

Off Exchange Trading:

Hedge funds and market makers engage in off-exchange trading, allowing them to trade and swap stocks on foreign exchanges without the need for price disclosure. This practice involves manipulating the circulating supply by not accurately reporting transactions, a significant challenge the SEC is working to tackle. Despite efforts to introduce D-Limit orders for enhanced transparency, hedge funds and market makers present resistance.

Naked Shorting:

Stocks like $AMC and $GameStop have experienced an abundance of failure-to-deliver (FTD) orders, often a result of ‘short parties’ lacking the underlying asset. Retail investors have highlighted the presence of synthetic shares, known as naked shares, in the market. Naked shorting, though made illegal after the 2008–09 financial crisis, persists due to regulatory gaps and discrepancies between trading systems. The mainstream exposure of this practice raises concerns, emphasizing the need for retail investors to address these issues with the SEC.

A Community Against Market Manipulation:

We’re continuing to see efforts to expose malpractices in the stock market. Community members like HAMShortkiller are all over social media, shedding light on manipulation tactics driven by hedge fund partners. It’s refreshing to see investors sharing factual and positive articles regarding a stock’s performance or analytics. It’s clear the investing community aims to stay informed and united against market manipulation once and for all. 

The latest movie release, “DumbMoney” is a great example of the hysteria that occured a short time ago, but some claim it’s only the beginning. According to Stephmase22 off Twitter, nothing has changed to prevent the same kind of market manipulation that happened with AMC and GME. She’s insinuating the same kind of manipulation is happening here with FNGR and that it must be stopped.

The general idea is that if the SEC won’t take action, then the folks who are getting the short end of the stick will step up, by short squeezing the players behind the manipulation.

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Picture by PIX1861 from Pixabay

The post FingerMotion, Inc. (NASDAQ: FNGR): A Closer Look at its 500% Surge first appeared on Micro Cap Daily.

The post FingerMotion, Inc. (NASDAQ: FNGR): A Closer Look at its 500% Surge appeared first on Micro Cap Daily.

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Saudi Arabia Sentences Schoolgirl To 18 Years In Prison Over Tweets

Saudi Arabia Sentences Schoolgirl To 18 Years In Prison Over Tweets

Via Middle East Eye,

Saudi Arabia has sentenced a secondary schoolgirl…



Saudi Arabia Sentences Schoolgirl To 18 Years In Prison Over Tweets

Via Middle East Eye,

Saudi Arabia has sentenced a secondary schoolgirl to 18 years in jail and a travel ban for posting tweets in support of political prisoners, according to a rights group.

On Friday, ALQST rights group, which documents human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, revealed that the Saudi Specialised Criminal Court handed out the sentence in August to 18-year-old Manal al-Gafiri, who was only 17 at the time of her arrest.

Via Reuters

The Saudi judiciary, under the de facto rule of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has issued several extreme prison sentences over cyber activism and the use of social media for criticising the government.

They include the recent death penalty against Mohammed al-Ghamdi, a retired teacher, for comments made on Twitter and YouTube, and the 34-year sentence of Leeds University doctoral candidate Salma al-Shehab over tweets last year.

The crown prince confirmed Ghamdi's sentence during a wide-ranging interview with Fox News on Wednesday. He blamed it on "bad laws" that he cannot change

"We are not happy with that. We are ashamed of that. But [under] the jury system, you have to follow the laws, and I cannot tell a judge [to] do that and ignore the law, because... that's against the rule of law," he said.

Saudi human rights defenders and lawyers, however, disputed Mohammed bin Salman's allegations and said the crackdown on social media users is correlated with his ascent to power and the introduction of new judicial bodies that have since overseen a crackdown on his critics. 

"He is able, with one word or the stroke of a pen, in seconds, to change the laws if he wants," Taha al-Hajji, a Saudi lawyer and legal consultant with the European Saudi Organisation for Human Rights, told Middle East Eye this week.

According to Joey Shea, Saudi Arabia researcher at Human Rights Watch, Ghamdi was sentenced under a counterterrorism law passed in 2017, shortly after Mohammed bin Salman became crown prince. The law has been criticised for its broad definition of terrorism.

Similarly, two new bodies - the Presidency of State Security and the Public Prosecution Office - were established by royal decrees in the same year.

Rights groups have said that the 2017 overhaul of the kingdom's security apparatus has significantly enabled the repression of Saudi opposition voices, including those of women rights defenders and opposition activists. 

"These violations are new under MBS, and it's ridiculous that he is blaming this on the prosecution when he and senior Saudi authorities wield so much power over the prosecution services and the political apparatus more broadly," Shea said, using a common term for the prince.

Tyler Durden Sun, 09/24/2023 - 11:30

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Biden To Join UAW Picket Line As Strike Expands, Good Luck Getting Repairs

Biden To Join UAW Picket Line As Strike Expands, Good Luck Getting Repairs

Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

In a symbolic, photo-op…



Biden To Join UAW Picket Line As Strike Expands, Good Luck Getting Repairs

Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

In a symbolic, photo-op gesture to win union votes, Biden will head to Michigan for a token visit.

Biden to Walk the Picket Line

Taking Sides

CNN had some Interesting comments on Biden Talking Sides.

Jeremi Suri, a presidential historian and professor at University of Texas at Austin, said he doesn’t believe any president has ever visited a picket line during a strike.

Presidents, including Biden, have previously declined to wade into union disputes to avoid the perception of taking sides on issues where the negotiating parties are often engaged in litigation.

On September 15, the day the strike started, Biden said that the automakers “should go further to ensure record corporate profits mean record contracts for the UAW.”

Some Democratic politicians have been urging Biden to do more. California Rep. Ro Khanna on Monday told CNN’s Vanessa Yurkevich that Biden and other Democrats should join him on the picket line.

“I’d love to see the president out here,” he said, arguing the Democratic Party needs to demonstrate it’s “the party of the working class.”

UAW Announces New Strike Locations

As the strike enters a second week, UAW Announces New Strike Locations

UAW President Shawn Fain called for union members to strike at noon ET Friday at 38 General Motors and Stellantis facilities across 20 states. He said the strike call covers all of GM and Stellantis’ parts distribution facilities.

The strike call notably excludes Ford, the third member of Detroit’s Big Three, suggesting the UAW is more satisfied with the progress it has made on a new contract with that company.

General Motors plants being told to strike are in Pontiac, Belleville, Ypsilanti, Burton, Swartz Creek and Lansing, Michigan; West Chester, Ohio; Aurora, Colorado; Hudson, Wisconsin; Bolingbrook, Illinois; Reno, Nevada; Rancho Cucamonga, California; Roanoke, Texas; Martinsburg, West Virginia; Brandon, Mississippi; Charlotte, North Carolina; Memphis, Tennessee; and Lang Horne, Pennsylvania.

The Stellantis facilities going on strike are in Marysville, Center Line, Warren, Auburn Hills, Romulus and Streetsboro, Michigan; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Plymouth, Minnesota; Commerce City, Colorado; Naperville, Illinois; Ontario, California; Beaverton, Oregon; Morrow, Georgia; Winchester, Virginia; Carrollton, Texas; Tappan, New York; and Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Contract Negotiations Are Not Close

Good Luck Getting Repairs

Party of the Working Cass, Really?

Let’s discuss the nonsensical notion that Democrats are the party of the “working class”.

Unnecessary stimulus, reckless expansion of social services, student debt cancellation, eviction moratoriums, earned income credits, immigration policy, and forcing higher prices for all, to benefit the few, are geared towards the “unworking class”.

On top of it, Biden wants to take away your gas stove, end charter schools to protect incompetent union teachers, and force you into an EV that you do not want and for which infrastructure is not in place.

All of this increases inflation across the board as do sanctions and clean energy madness.

Exploring the Working Class Idea

If you don’t work and have no income, Biden may make your healthcare cheaper. If you do work, he seeks to take your healthcare options away.

If you want to pay higher prices for cars, give up your gas stove, be forced into an EV, subsidize wind energy then pay more for electricity on top of it, you have a clear choice. If you support those efforts, by all means, please join him on the picket line for a token photo-op (not that you will be able to get within miles for the staged charade).

But if you can think at all, you understand Biden does not support the working class, he supports the unworking class.

Tyler Durden Sun, 09/24/2023 - 10:30

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UK Quietly Passes “Online Safety Bill” Into Law

UK Quietly Passes "Online Safety Bill" Into Law

Authored by Kit Knightly via,

Buried behind the Brand-related headlines…



UK Quietly Passes "Online Safety Bill" Into Law

Authored by Kit Knightly via,

Buried behind the Brand-related headlines yesterday, the British House of Lords voted to pass the controversial “Online Safety Bill” into law. All that’s needed now is Royal assent, which Charles will obviously provide.

The bill’s (very catchy) long-form title is…

A Bill to make provision for and in connection with the regulation by OFCOM of certain internet services; for and in connection with communications offences; and for connected purposes.

…and that’s essentially it, it hands the duty of “regulating” certain online content to the UK’s Office of Communications (OfCom).

Ofcom Chief Executive Dame Melanie Dawes could barely contain her excitement in a statement to the press:

“Today is a major milestone in the mission to create a safer life online for children and adults in the UK. Everyone at Ofcom feels privileged to be entrusted with this important role, and we’re ready to start implementing these new laws.”

As always with these things, the bill’s text is a challenging and rather dull read, deliberately obscure in its language and difficult to navigate.

Of some note is the “information offenses” clause, which empowers OfCom to demand “information” from users, companies and employees, and makes it a crime to withhold it. The nature of this “information” is never specified, nor does it appear to be qualified. Meaning it could be anything, and will most likely be used to get private account information about users from social media platforms.

In one of the more worrying clauses, the Bill outlines what they call “communications offenses”. Section 10 details crimes of transmitting “Harmful, false and threatening communications”.

It should be noted that sending threats is already illegal in the UK, so the only new ground covered here is “harmful” and/or “false” information, and the fact they feel the need to differentiate between those two things should worry you.

After all, the truth can definitely be “harmful”…Especially to a power-hungry elite barely controlling an angry populace through dishonest propaganda.

Rather amusingly, the bill makes it a crime to “send a message” containing false information in clause 156…then immediately grants immunity to every newspaper, television channel and streaming service in clause 157.

Apparently it’s OK for the mainstream media to be harmful and dishonest.

But the primary purpose of the new law is a transfer of responsibility to enable and incentivize censorship.

Search engines (“regulated search services”, to quote the bill) and social media companies (“regulated user-to-user services”) will now be held accountable for how people use their platform.

For example: If I were to google “Is it safe to drink bleach?”, find some website that says yes, and then drink bleach, OfCom would not hold me responsible. They would hold Google responsible for letting me read that website. Likewise, if someone tweets @ me telling me to drink bleach, and I do so, Twitter would be held responsible for permitting that communication to take place.

This could result in hefty fines, or even potentially criminal charges, to companies and/or executives of those companies. It could even open them up to massively expensive civil suits (don’t be surprised if such a legal drama hits the headlines soon).

Unsurprisingly the mainstream coverage of the new laws barely mentions any of these concerns, instead opting to put child pornography front and centre. Because the Mrs Lovejoy argument always works.

That’s all window dressing, of course, what this is really about is “misinformation” and “hate speech”. Which is to say, fact-checking mainstream lies and calling out mainstream liars.

Section 7(135) is entirely dedicated to the creation of a new “Advisory committee on disinformation and misinformation”, which will be expected to submit regular reports to OfCom and the Secretary of State on how best to “counter misinformation on regulated services“.

This is clearly a response to Covid, or rather the failure of Covid.

Essentially, the pandemic narrative broke because the current mechanisms of censorship didn’t work well enough. In response, the government has just legalised and out-sourced their silencing of dissent.

See, the government isn’t going to actually censor anyone themselves, protecting it from pro-free speech criticism. Rather, huge financial pressure will be applied on tech giants to be “responsible” and “protect the vulnerable”. Meaning de-platforming and cancelling independent media via increasingly opaque “terms of service violations”

These companies will be cheered on by the vast crowd of jabbed-and-masked NPCs who have been so successfully brainwashed into believing the “they are a private company and can do that they want” argument.

This has been going on for years already, of course, but that was covert stuff. Now it’s legal in the UK, and is about to get a lot worse.

It won’t be just the UK either, considering the messaging on “misinformation” being seen at the UN in the last few days, we should expect something similar on a global scale.

You can read the full text of the Online Safety Bill here.

Tyler Durden Sun, 09/24/2023 - 08:10

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