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J.M. Smucker Tops Q4 Results; Shares Gain

Food and beverage maker J.M. Smucker Company (SJM) reported better-than-expected Q4 results. Shares rose 1.4% to close at $137.88 on June 3. Notably, the company completed the divestiture of the Crisco
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Food and beverage maker J.M. Smucker Company (SJM) reported better-than-expected Q4 results. Shares rose 1.4% to close at $137.88 on June 3.

Notably, the company completed the divestiture of the Crisco business on December 1, 2020, and the divestiture of the Natural Balance business on January 29, 2021.

Adjusted earnings stood at $1.89 per share in Q4, a decrease of 26.5% year-over-year. However, earnings surpassed the Street’s estimates of $1.67 per share.

Net sales for the quarter declined 3% (excluding divestitures) to $1.92 billion, compared to the Street’s estimates of $1.88 billion. Results were impacted by the pandemic.

During the quarter (excluding divestitures), U.S. retail pet foods sales declined 6% to $674.6 million, while U.S. retail coffee sales remained flat at $583.1 million. Additionally, U.S. retail consumer foods sales increased 1% to $419.8 million, while International and away from home sales fell 5% to $242.7 million. (See J.M. Smucker stock analysis on TipRanks)

Mark Smucker, President and CEO of the company said, “Looking ahead to fiscal year 2022, we are focused on building upon the momentum and exceptional results we delivered this year, advancing our consumer-centric growth strategy.”

Looking ahead, the company projects FY22 net sales to decline 2% to 3% year-over-year, and adjusted earnings to fall in the range of $8.70 - $9.10 per share. The Street estimates earnings of $8.60 per share.

Following the results, Jefferies analyst Robert Dickerson lifted the price target on the stock to $144 (4.4% upside potential) from $135 while maintaining a Hold rating.

Dickerson said, “Although the company operates in solid long-term growth potential categories (coffee and pet food) and has a new go-forward strategy, which focuses on commercial excellence, streamlined costs, and portfolio optimization, questions still remain regarding the pace of top-line growth acceleration and margin expansion amidst further brand-building needs and cost inflation headwinds.”

The stock has a Hold consensus rating based on 5 Holds and 1 Sell. The average analyst price target of $131.67 implies 4.5% downside potential from current levels. Shares have gained 26.4% over the past year.

According to TipRanks’ Smart Score system, Smucker gets a 7 out of 10, which indicates that the stock is likely to perform in line with market averages.

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The post J.M. Smucker Tops Q4 Results; Shares Gain appeared first on TipRanks Financial Blog.

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A new milestone for Bitcoin, COVID hits conference, Buterin’s DOGE payday: Hodler’s Digest, June 6–12

Coming every Saturday, Hodlers Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more a week on Cointelegraph in…



Coming every Saturday, Hodlers Digest will help you track every single important news story that happened this week. The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more a week on Cointelegraph in one link.

Top Stories This Week


Bill to make Bitcoin legal tender passes in El Salvador

El Salvador has officially become the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender.

A law outlining the proposals, introduced by President Nayib Bukele, passed with a supermajority, attracting 62 out of 84 votes.

Under the so-called Bitcoin Law, merchants must accept Bitcoin as well as U.S. dollars and theyll be expected to present prices for goods and services in both currencies. The government is going to be releasing an official crypto wallet for consumers to use, but they can rely on private providers if they prefer.

Permanent residency is going to be available for those who invest 3 BTC in the country, and now, a 90-day implementation period has begun.

As the 90-day implementation period begins, the president has asked a state-owned geothermal electric company to examine plans to offer facilities for Bitcoin mining with very cheap, 100% clean, 100% renewable, zero-emissions energy from its own volcanoes.

Unsurprisingly, reaction from regulators hasnt been overwhelmingly positive. One executive at the Bank for International Settlements has called El Salvadors move an interesting experiment but warned that BTC hasnt passed the test of being a means of payment. The International Monetary Fund has also warned the decision could have significant legal and financial ramifications.


New report: El Salvador Bitcoin pump failed to attract smart money, for now

El Salvadors plans were first announced during a keynote speech at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami, but the markets appeared to pay little notice.

Things changed on Wednesday the day Congress passed the legislation. Bitcoin logged its best daily performance since Feb. 8, the day Tesla announced that it had added $1.5 billion worth of BTC to its balance sheet.

Although there are reasons to celebrate, Stack Funds head of research Lennard Neo has warned there was little in the way of bullish reactions from so-called smart investors.

Bringing the bulls back down to Earth, he warned: We should not expect a significant impact on Bitcoin for a country with a GDP per capita less than 7% that of the U.S., with its economy suffering the worst crash in decades last year.

Bitcoins seven-day high stands at $38,334.33. The strong move helped save the bulls during Fridays options expiry, because any level below $34,000 would have wiped 98% of call options.


MicroStrategy gets $1.6 billion in orders in junk bond offering

MicroStrategy has attracted $1.6 billion worth of orders in a recent junk bond offering four times more than what the business intelligence firm initially sought.

Junk bonds are debt offerings by companies without investment-grade credit ratings and typically offer investors higher returns while carrying higher risk.

It comes days after the publicly listed company, which owns 92,079 BTC with a current market value of $3.2 billion, announced plans to spin off its crypto holdings into a new subsidiary called MacroStrategy LLC.

Although this has been interpreted as bullish news, alarm bells started sounding after the junk bond offering was announced the latest in a series of debt raises to buy more Bitcoin. MSTR stock fell after the news.

MicroStrategy closed the week at $516.44, some way off the year-to-date high of $1,315 that was seen in February.

In a recent article, analyst Juan de la Hoz said MicroStrategy would be at risk of bankruptcy if Bitcoin prices fell, adding: MicroStrategy is a rare high-risk low-reward investment opportunity, and a strong sell.


Bitcoin 2021 attendees positive COVID-19 tests are going viral

Some of those who attended Bitcoin 2021 in Miami have tested positive for COVID-19, leading to a wave of negative media coverage and speculation that it may have been a superspreader event.

Thousands of people went to the two-day event, which did not require proof of vaccination or enforce the wearing of face masks. There was little in the way of social distancing either as people packed into crowded auditoriums.

One influencer on Crypto Twitter, Mr. Whale, estimated that there were more than 50,000 visitors at the event. He noted that this was the first major in-person conference since the pandemic began, and said dozens of participants have tested positive.


Vitalik Buterin has made $4.3 million from his $25,000 investment in Dogecoin so far

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has revealed that he invested $25,000 into DOGE in 2016 and has made a pretty penny as a result.

His first concern was how he would tell his mother not least because the only interesting thing about this coin is a logo of a dog somewhere.

Buterin told Lex Fridmans podcast that he was caught off-guard by the speculative frenzy that resulted from Elon Musks fascination with the joke cryptocurrency.

He recalled being in lockdown in Singapore when the price of DOGE shot up 775% from $0.008 to $0.07 over the course of a single day, thinking: Oh my god, my DOGE is worth, like, a lot!

Buterin added: I sold half of the DOGE, and I got $4.3 million, donated the profits to GiveDirectly, and a few hours after I did this, the price dropped back from around $0.07 to $0.04.

Assuming he held on to the remaining 50% of his DOGE stash, he would now be sitting on tens of millions of dollars in paper profits.


Winners and Losers


At the end of the week, Bitcoin is at $35,211.65, Ether at $2,318.90 and XRP at $0.81. The total market cap is at $1,493,755,186,500.

Among the biggest 100 cryptocurrencies, the only two altcoin gainers of the week are Amp and Chiliz. The top three altcoin losers of the week are Internet Computer, THORChain and Synthetix.

For more info on crypto prices, make sure to read Cointelegraphs market analysis.



Most Memorable Quotations


Regulatory clarity enables companies like BlockFi to continue innovating. It enables consumers and investors to participate in this sector with the utmost confidence.

Zac Prince, BlockFi CEO


The ~$38,000 area for BTC is the one to watch right now.

Rekt Capital


Cryptocurrencies demonstrate all the hallmarks of bad money: unclear origin, uncertain valuation, shady trading practices.

Pieter Hasekamp, Netherlands Bureau for Economic Analysis


Investors should consider the volatility of Bitcoin and the Bitcoin futures market, as well as the lack of regulation and potential for fraud or manipulation in the underlying Bitcoin market.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission


@davidguetta knows whats up. His Miami pad is for sale. Can buy with #Bitcoin or #Ethereum. In general, not a good idea to part w/ disinflationary #crypto that consistently outperforms real estate but smart folks like Guetta love to take it from you.



Adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender raises a number of macroeconomic, financial and legal issues that require very careful analysis. We are following developments closely, and well continue our consultations with the authorities.

Gerry Rice, IMF spokesman


Moments ago in our #London saleroom, an extremely rare Alien CryptoPunk #7523 from the collection of @sillytuna sold for $11.8M as part of our #NativelyDigital NFT auction setting a new world auction record for a single CryptoPunk.



Stablecoins are not launching us off into some brave new world […] The key here is to ensure that just because something is packaged in shiny technology we dont somehow treat the risks it poses differently.

Christina Segal-Knowles, Bank of England


Digital currency from central banks has great promise. Legitimate digital public money could help drive out bogus digital private money.”

Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senator


I don’t think @michael_saylor is familiar with Murphy’s Law. What if #Bitcoin crashes below $20K? Will #MicroStrategy sell stock at depressed prices to shore up its balance sheet? Will it sell Bitcoin to raise cash? If MicroStrategy goes bankrupt will creditors HODL its Bitcoin?

Peter Schiff, economist and crypto skeptic


I should have bought a lot more that was my mistake.

Marc Lasry, Avenue Capital Group CEO



FUD of the Week

U.S. officials recover $2.3 million in crypto from Colonial Pipeline ransom

Officials with a U.S. government taskforce have seized more than $2 million in crypto paid in ransom following an attack on the Colonial Pipeline system, which caused fuel shortages for many people in the U.S.

The Bitcoin in question was connected to Russia-based DarkSide hackers, and about 63.7 BTC has been clawed back.

Although theres little doubt that this is a good thing, Bitcoins price actually ended up falling because of concerns over how the FBI actually managed to seize the cryptocurrency. Coinbase has refuted suggestions that it was involved.

Mati Greenspan, the founder of Quantum Economics, has said that the recovered ransom is actually bullish for Bitcoin, as many had expected U.S. politicians to use crypto as a scapegoat for the attack and enforce some heavy-handed regulations.


Proposed New York Bitcoin mining ban watered down to allow green projects

A proposed crypto mining ban calling for a forced three-year hiatus on all mining operations in New York has been watered down and will now allow green projects.

The bill passed in the senate on June 8, and has now been referred to the state assembly. If the bill is passed there, it will be delivered to Governor Andrew Cuomo to either approve or veto the proposed legislation.

The initial New York Senate Bill 6486A sought to halt all crypto mining for three years in order to conduct environmental impact reviews on mining operations in the tri-state area.

However, the bill was amended in the senate to get it over the line, and the revised 6486B bill is now focused solely on any firm that uses carbon-based fuel sources to power proof-of-work crypto mining.


Alleged $3.6 billion crypto Ponzis victims still believe the exchange is legit

Victims of an alleged $3.6 billion crypto Ponzi scheme in South Korea are reportedly hampering the progress of a police investigation and a joint lawsuit as they still believe in the project and hold out hopes of getting a return on their investments.

V Global is accused of defrauding about 69,000 people out of four trillion won ($3.6 billion), all while promising investors they would triple their investments.

A notice on the companys website says that it strongly denies the false” claims and has filed a complaint with police for defamation and obstruction of business.

If V Global is found guilty, it would potentially be one of the biggest crypto-related Ponzi schemes on record, in a similar fashion to the infamous multi-billion Ponzi scheme from OneCoin in 2015.


Best Cointelegraph Features

Pronouncements from the G-7 allow green fintech to flourish

Sustainability and the need to lessen climate change amid the COVID-19 pandemic have become the global economic agenda.

Miami stakes the claim to become the worlds Bitcoin and crypto capital

Miami has a dynamic mayor, lots of VC money and is coming off the largest-ever crypto extravaganza, but is that enough without legal clarity?

More IRS crypto reporting, more danger

The U.S. authorities are becoming seriously interested in crypto, making unreported crypto more dangerous.

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Best Growth Penny Stocks for 2021, Are Small-Caps Worth Watching?

Top growth penny stocks to watch this year? Check these 3 out right now
The post Best Growth Penny Stocks for 2021, Are Small-Caps Worth Watching? appeared first on Penny Stocks to Buy, Picks, News and Information |




3 Growth Penny Stocks to Watch Right Now

Finding growth penny stocks in 2021 can be challenging. With the rise of assets like Bitcoin, DogeCoin, small-caps and everything in between, this year has already become one for the books. 

Yesterday on June 10th, we saw the small-name biotech penny stock Orphazyme ADR (NASDAQ: ORPH) shoot up by over 900% in a single day. It’s worth noting that shares have since fallen by more than 70%. This is a great example of the hyper-volatility we see often with penny stocks. And while the case for ORPH stock is one of its own, we do see large intraday moves often, albeit not usually as large as this. 

[Read More] 4 Penny Stocks To Watch Hit It Big In 2021, 1 Up Over 2,200% Right Now

So, when investing in penny stocks, it’s crucial to understand your risk tolerance and portfolio goals. This is the best way to ensure that any penny stocks you want to buy, align with your tolerance for price fluctuations. While many penny stocks are extremely volatile, there are quite a few that show solid levels of stability. It simply comes down to knowing where to look. 

With penny stocks, it’s also extremely important to do as much research as possible. This way, you can stay ahead of the game and expect the unexpected. Considering all of this, here are three growth penny stocks to watch in 2021 and beyond. 

3 Growth Penny Stocks For Your 2021 Watchlist 

  1. Xinyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. (NYSE: XIN
  2. Biolase Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOL)
  3. Aptinyx Inc. (NASDAQ: APTX

1. Xinyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. (NYSE: XIN) 

Up by a solid 20% or so at midday is Xinyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd. For some context, XIN is a real estate developer working primarily out of China. Additionally,  it manages large scale, high quality real estate projects in over twelve cities across the country. 

Recently, XIN moved into the New York real estate market, which has been known to be highly lucrative. Yesterday, it announced big news, which could be a potential reason behind todays gain. In early morning trading on June 10th, Xinyuan announced the completion of five newly constructed properties across China. 

“We are thrilled to have completed five high-quality accommodations. These projects further exemplify our commitment to construction excellence and the Company’s dedication to meeting and exceeding client demands. Providing comfortable and convenient real estate related products and services to middle-class consumers will continue to be our top priority.” 

Mr. Zhang Yong, Chairman of Xinyuan Group

Right now, the real estate market around the world is booming. There are a few reasons why this is the case. For one, as we enter a post-Covid era many people are beginning to buy homes again.

In the U.S. for example, near-zero interest rates combined with massive stimulus given out over the past year, mean that people have more free income to rent and purchase homes. And in China, massive industrial projects like the ones completed yesterday for XIN, can begin again. Considering all of this, will XIN make your list of penny stocks to watch?

2. Biolase Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOL)

Biolase Inc. is a penny stock that we have covered frequently over the past few months. Up by around 4% at midday, Biolase is as its name suggests, a biotech penny stock. But, instead of manufacturing drugs, Biolase produces laser systems for use in doctors office, and primarily for dental applications.

Last week, the company announced that two studies reported in the International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry and Lasers in Medical Science, support its new proprietary laser technology. 

“Although studies can vary, data suggests as much as 56% of people with dental implants may have peri-implantitis. Unfortunately, treatment methods for peri-implantitis can be painful, costly, ineffective and unpredictable.

The findings of these recent studies confirm that Waterlase laser technology can be a more viable treatment option than alternative methods. We look forward to continuing to provide dentists with minimally invasive treatment options through advanced laser technology that benefits their patients.” 

John Beaver, CEO of Biolase

While dental procedures were understandably down during the pandemic, they have since increased back to pre-Covid levels. This could be one of the main reasons that shares of BIOL stock have jumped by a solid 170% over the past six months.

[Read More] Best Penny Stocks To Buy? 4 to Watch With High Volume Right Now

And, with more people going to see their dentists following a year of not being able to go into the office, Biolase could see higher adoption of its technologies. While its laser systems can be pricy, they do offer a fantastic alternative for common procedures. With this in mind, will BIOL stock make your watchlist this year?

Penny_Stocks_to_Watch_Biolase Inc. (BIOL Stock Chart)

3. Aptinyx Inc. (NASDAQ: APTX)

One of the biggest gainers of the day is Aptinyx Inc. By midday, shares of APTX stock were up by as much as 41% to just over $4.50 per share. Today’s momentum could be coming from a TIpRanks article titled ‘“Strong Buy” Penny Stocks That Could Rally to $10 or More”. While this is not any news related to the company, we see massive speculation across the board with penny stocks due to something as simple as an article put out. 

But, besides the hype from one article, those who wish to invest in APTX should do their own research. To better understand APTX, we have to look at its financials. Last month, Aptinyx reported its Q1 2021 financial results as well as some highlights from the quarter. By the end of the period, Aptinyx reported holding around $146 million in cash on hand. It states that this should support its operations until at least 2023. 

“We have made excellent progress across our clinical stage programs over the past few months. This progress was exemplified by our positive meeting with the FDA regarding our development of NYX-783 in PTSD, and the recommencement of our Phase 2 study of NYX-458 in patients with Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies.” 

Norbert Riedel, PhD., CEO of Aptinyx

These two trials alone are both interesting and important for investors to consider. Moreover, its large cash flow is something that we do not see as often with biotech companies. Considering this and the above events, will APTX be on your list of penny stocks to watch?


Is 2021 the Year That Penny Stocks Take Off?

Many investors are excited about the coming months for penny stocks. With Covid cases in a massive decline, traders seem hopeful that the near future could bring increased momentum for the entire stock market.

[Read More] Trending Penny Stocks to Buy Right Now? 4 For Your Watchlist

Although there are some fears of the new variants of the virus, early studies show that vaccines are still effective. This means that a return to normalcy could be entirely possible. Because Covid has such a large effect on the stock market right now, staying up to date with all related news is very important. With all of this in mind, is 2021 the year that penny stocks take off?

The post Best Growth Penny Stocks for 2021, Are Small-Caps Worth Watching? appeared first on Penny Stocks to Buy, Picks, News and Information |

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2 Dividend Stocks Under $10 With 9% Dividend Yield

Sometimes, finding the right stock can be a chore, and sometimes, a pleasure. But whether it’s a breeze or a slog, some things remain constant. The right stock will always
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The post 2 Dividend Stocks Under $10 With 9% Dividend Yield appeared..



Sometimes, finding the right stock can be a chore, and sometimes, a pleasure. But whether it’s a breeze or a slog, some things remain constant. The right stock will always bring a benefit to your portfolio – and high-yield dividend stocks, when carefully chosen, will do just that.

Wall Street analysts have been doing the research for you, picking out stocks that are meeting those requirements. And the results are interesting – the analysts have tagged two stocks under $10 with strong dividends, at least 9% to be exact. These aren’t big names that dominate the stock market, but nevertheless, they are companies that deserve a second look.

Sachem Capital (SACH)

The first dividend stock we're looking at here, Sachem Capital, is a real estate investment trust. These financial companies acquire real estate and/or mortgage loans and mortgage-backed securities; Sachem is no exception, and focuses on its portfolio of first mortgage loans. The company offers short-term mortgage loans to real estate investors – rather than owner-occupants – for the purpose of funding acquisition, renovation, development, and improvement of properties.

At the end of the first quarter, Sachem’s portfolio had assets totaling $228.4 million, up a modest $1.7 million from the previous quarter. The company’s revenue came in at $5.7 million for the quarter, a gain of 32.5% year-over-year. EPS, at 10 cents, was flat from the year-ago quarter – and from 4Q20.

Management’s confidence in the quarter was clear from the company’s dividend declaration. Sachem announce at the beginning of April a 12 cent per common share dividend payment. This annualizes to 48 cents per common share – and gives the stock a dividend yield of 9.4%. Among S&P-listed stocks, the average dividend yield is only ~2%, so Sachem’s compares favorably.

Aegis analyst Rommel Dionisio takes a bullish stance on Sachem, noting: “[The]  company has increased the scope of its lending operations in recent quarters as the overall economy rebounded from the earlier phases of the COVID pandemic…. Given a robust residential real estate in the company's core region of Connecticut, the company saw a more rapid pace of loan payoffs during the quarter... We also note that the competitive landscape remains favorable, as many banks and traditional lenders have not significantly eased up on lending requirements.”

With those comments in mind, Dionisio rates SACH a Buy, and his $8 price target implies an upside of 57% for the year ahead. (To watch Dionisio’s track record, click here)

Both of the recent reviews on SACH stock are Buys, making the Moderate Buy consensus rating unanimous. The shares are priced at $5.15 and have an average price target of $6.75, for a upside potential of ~33%. (See SACH stock analysis at TipRanks)

Lument Finance Trust (LFT)

For the next stock, we’ll turn to Lument. This company lives in the micro-cap category, with a market cap of just $96.5 million. Lument carries a portfolio of commercial real estate debt investments, mainly transitional floating rate commercial mortgage loans. This portfolio emphasizes mid-market multi-family properties – apartment complexes.

For the first quarter, ending March 31, Lument reported 11 cents per share income, based on a total net income of $2.8 million. The EPS was up 83% compared to the 6-cent EPS reported one year ago. The company’s distributable earnings for the quarter were listed as $2.8 million, and supported a 9 cent dividend payment.

The dividend was down 4 cents per common share from the prior quarter, 4Q20, mainly in keeping with the company’s policy of setting the payment to fit income. Even after the cut, the common share dividend still annualizes to 36 cents – and gives a strong yield of 9.35%. With the Fed holding rates at historic lows, dividends in the broader stock markets yielding an average of just about 2%, and the 10-year Treasury bond yielding even below that, the attraction of Lument’s yield is clear.

Covering the stock for JonesTrading, analyst Jason Stewart rates LFT a Buy along with a $4.50 price target. This figure implies a 12.5% upside on the one-year time horizon. Based on the current dividend yield and the expected price appreciation, the stock has ~22% potential total return profile. (To watch Stewart’s track record, click here)

“We see two clear catalysts for LFT over the next two quarters: deployment of capital and refinancing of the existing CLOs. First, with fresh capital from the recent preferred stock offering, we expect LFT to leverage the ORIX USA origination platform to grow the balance sheet. Second, the CRE CLO market is having a banner 2020 and financing spreads are compressing which will allow LFT to re-lever the  overall equity base,” Stewart noted.

The analyst also points out the company’s underlying soundness: “The loan portfolio was 100% current as of March 31, 2021, with no forbearances granted or defaults. 88% of the portfolio was invested in multifamily and the company maintains no exposure to hospitality assets.”

Judging from the consensus breakdown, it has been relatively quiet when it comes to other analyst activity. Over the last three months, only 2 analysts have reviewed LFT. Both of which, however, were bullish, making the consensus a Moderate Buy. The shares are selling for $4.00, and the average price target of $4.38 indicates a 9.5% upside from that level. (See LFT stock analysis on TipRanks)

To find good ideas for stocks trading at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks’ Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that unites all of TipRanks’ equity insights.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the featured analysts. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment.

The post 2 Dividend Stocks Under $10 With 9% Dividend Yield appeared first on TipRanks Financial Blog.

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