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5 Penny Stocks To Watch For November With Potential Biotech Catalysts

Biotech penny stocks to watch with upcoming events this week.
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This month is an interesting one for penny stocks and blue-chip stocks alike. It marks the official end of the Halloween season and the start of the holidays. November also kicks off the midway part of Q4. But earnings aren’t the only thing that’s going to be at the top of mind right now.

Certain industries have unique traits and one of these industries is biotechnology. The “unique” part of this is the fact that most companies will announce future dates for investors to be aware of. This could include FDA trial dates, application dates, interim trial data dates or even industry conference presentations. In all cases, biotech investors particularly follow each step or possible instance that a company could reveal pipeline data.

Given the high-stakes make-up of an industry focused on helping mankind live, even the slightest positive or minuscule negative event can dramatically impact a stock. So, if you are looking for penny stocks to buy and biotech is an industry of interest, this is definitely something to keep in mind. Today we’re going to look at 5 penny stocks that have potential biotech catalysts this month. These range from industry presentations to research updates.

Penny Stocks To Watch For November

  1. Tonix Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:TNXP)
  2. Liquidia Corporation (NASDAQ:LQDA)
  3. Corvus Pharmaceutiacals (NASDAQ:CRVS)
  4. Agenus (NASDAQ:AGEN)
  5. PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:PHAS)

1. Tonix Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:TNXP)

One of the lowest-priced penny stocks on this list is Tonix Pharmaceuticals. The company has developed a portfolio made up of treatments targeting immunology and central nervous system diseases. One of the more recent points of focus has been on Tonix’s COVID-19 platform for addressing Long-COVID.

Its TNX-1800 has already reported efficacy data from animal studies in the first quarter of the year with a Phase 1 study to begin during the first half of next year. The company’s COVID treatment pipeline also includes TNX-3500 for treating acute COVID-19, as well as TNX-102 for Long COVID.

Tonix also previously stated that it plans to begin a first-in-human clinical study of its TNX-2100 this quarter pending IND clearance. TNX-2100 is an in vivo diagnostic to measure the presence of functional T cell immunity to COVID.

What To Watch With TNXP Stock In November

This month Tonix gives an oral presentation at the American College of Rheumatology Convergence. The event is held between November 5-9 where Tonix presents on its TNX-102SL. While TNX-102 is being studied in COVID, this presentation will focus on TNX-102SL for treating Fibromyalgia. If TNXP is on your list of penny stocks for November, keep 11/4 on your list. The company’s presentation begins at 11:45 AM ET.

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2. Liquidia Corporation (NASDAQ:LQDA)

Shares of Liquidia have continued climbing during the fourth quarter. In early October, the company received a favorable ruling in an Inter Partes review against United Therapeutics and its U.S. Patent No. 9,604,901. The ruling found that 7 of the 9 claims were unpatentable. Damian deGoa, President and Chief Executive Officer of Liquidia said: “We are very pleased with this decision by the PTAB. This is a clear win in our on-going patent dispute with United Therapeutics, and we remain confident that we will ultimately prevail on all patent claims they have asserted against us. We will continue to vigorously defend our right to commercialize LIQ861 as soon as possible.”

Liquidia focuses on developing products for pulmonary hypertension and operates through two subsidiaries, Liquidia Technologies, Inc. and Liquidia PAH, LLC. They act as a uniquely integrated pair with Liquidia Technologies developing the company’s LIQ861, an inhaled dry powder formulation of treprostinil in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension. Meanwhile, Liquidia PAH is the commercialization provider for pharmaceutical products including generic treprostinil injections.

What To Watch With LQDA Stock In November

Now that there’s a bit of background on the company, what’s happening this month that might attract some interest from the market? Earlier this year, the FDA accepted its New Drug Application for the company’s LIQ861. This was actually a resubmission in response to a letter issued in late-2020 that clearly showed the treatment didn’t quite pass the bar. Now, November 7 is the next date to focus on this year. This is the Prescription Drug User Fee Act date given by the Administration.

According to Liquidia’s June update, “If the FDA determines, following its substantive review of the NDA, that all requirements for approval have been met, the FDA may issue tentative approval on a timeline generally informed by the PDUFA goal date.”

best penny stocks to watch november biotech Liquidia Corporation LQDA stock chart

3. Corvus Pharmaceutiacals (NASDAQ:CRVS)

Thanks to COVID-19 becoming a prevalent force in pretty much everything, companies continue working on the development of new treatment candidates. Corvus is another one of the COVID stocks on this list to watch in November. Its lead candidate is CPI-006 (mupadolimab).

Best Penny Stocks to Buy in November? 3 You Need to Know About

It’s a monoclonal antibody-directed agonist that demonstrated the activation of immune cells in preclinical studies. What’s more, outside of COVID, CPI-006 was combined with other treatments like pembrolizumab – Merck’s (NYSE:MRK) KEYTRUDA – in a Phase 1/1b study in advanced HPV head and neck cancers patients. There’s also a Phase 1b/2 clinical study in HPV+ oropharyngeal cancers and non-small cell lung cancers that haven’t been successfully treated with chemotherapy.

What To Watch With CRVS Stock In November

This month, mupadolimab will be in the spotlight and not for anything related to COVID-19. The company presents new data from its Phase 1b/2 oncology study at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer annual meeting. This meeting takes place between November 10-14.

best penny stocks to watch november biotech Corvus Pharmaceuticals CRVS stock chart

4. Agenus (NASDAQ:AGEN)

We’ve discussed Agenus earlier this year just before it went on its epic move out of the penny stock price range. But as is common in biotech, volatility can come especially when data is a core focus. In this case, Agenus was the victim of negative results. In particular, earlier this quarter, the company reported the voluntary withdrawal of its Biologics License Application at the recommendation of the FDA.

Garo Armen, CEO, and Chairman of Agenus explained in more detail that, “While the commercial market for balstilimab monotherapy in second-line cervical cancer was always anticipated to be small, Agenus’ priority remains developing balstilimab as a necessary component of highly effective and affordable combination therapies, both with its own portfolio and with partners, including in combination with Agenus’ next-generation CTLA-4, AGEN1181.”

With this news, the biotech stock dropped from over $5 to under $3.50 at one point. Regardless, November could be an active month for the company as far as events are concerned.

What To Watch With AGEN Stock In November

Next week the company delivers its third-quarter results and business update. On November 9, executives will also host a conference call to discuss everything from the financials to its current model. The company has also scheduled an abstract presentation at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Annual Meeting. On November 12, the company presents its abstract titled, “AGEN1181, an Fc-enhanced anti-CTLA-4 antibody, alone and in combination with balstilimab (anti-PD-1) in patients with advanced solid tumors: Initial phase I results (NCT03860272).”

best penny stocks to watch november biotech Agenus AGEN stock chart

5. PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:PHAS)

Similar to LQDA, PHAS stock has been on the move this quarter. Shares have climbed from under $3 to over $4 this week as PhaseBio continues executing on its initiatives. The company is developing therapies for cardiopulmonary diseases.

What To Watch With PHAS Stock In November

Earlier this quarter, it announced PhaseBio’s Phase 3, REVERSE-IT was accepted for presentation at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2021 on November 15. Titled, “Effect of Bentracimab on Platelet Inhibition and Hemostasis in Ticagrelor Patients with Uncontrolled Hemorrhage or Requiring Urgent Surgery in the REVERSE-IT Trial,” the company begins its presentation mid-morning.

While that’s what to watch this month with PHAS stock, it’s also worth mentioning that the company also received a notice of allowance for US Patent titled “Methods and Compositions For Treating Muscle Disease and Disorders.”

With this, PHAS stock saw another surge of momentum late last week. It will be interesting what PhaseBio reports in its presentation at the November conference.

best penny stocks to watch november biotech PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals PHAS stock chart

Best Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid]

As discussed earlier, certain industries have unique traits all on their own. When it comes to biotechnology, there are always important dates to keep in mind. These are just a few of the many biotech penny stocks with upcoming events to keep in mind this month.

The post 5 Penny Stocks To Watch For November With Potential Biotech Catalysts appeared first on Penny Stocks to Buy, Picks, News and Information |

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Student loan borrowers may finally get answers to loan forgiveness issues

A major student loan service company has been invited to face Congress over its alleged servicing failures.



U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) wants answers from one of the top student loan service companies in the country for allegedly botching its student loan forgiveness process involving the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness program, leaving borrowers confused and without answers.

The senator sent a letter to Mohela CEO Scott Giles on March 18 inviting him to testify before Congress at a hearing on April 10 titled “MOHELA’s Performance as a Student Loan Servicer.” During the hearing, Giles will have to answer for why his company allegedly failed to send billing statements to student loan borrowers in a timely manner and miscalculated monthly payments for borrowers when it was time for them to repay their loans in September last year.

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Also, in the letter, Warren highlighted a report that claimed that Mohela failed to perform basic servicing functions for borrowers eligible for PSLF, which led to over 800,000 public service workers facing delays in receiving student debt relief. The report also accuses the company of using a “‘call deflection’ scheme” to keep customers away from speaking to a customer service representative and instead redirecting them to parts of their website.

“Your company has contributed to student loan borrowers’ difficulties by mishandling borrowers’ return to repayment following the COVID-19 pandemic-related pause on payments, interest, and collections and by impeding public servants’ access to PSLF relief,” wrote Warren in the letter.

The move from Warren comes after the U.S. Department of Education withheld $7.2 million in payments to its servicer Mohela in October as punishment because it failed to issue timely billing statements to 2.5 million borrowers which resulted in 800,000 borrowers becoming delinquent on their loans. The department ordered Mohela to put those affected by the issues into forbearance until the mess was resolved.

U.S. President Joe Biden is joined by Education Secretary Miguel Cardona (L) as he announces new actions to protect borrowers after the Supreme Court struck down his student loan forgiveness plan in the Roosevelt Room at the White House on June 30, 2023 in Washington, DC. 

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Mohela is also currently facing two class-action lawsuits, one filed in December last year and another in January this year, for its alleged “failure to timely process and render decisions for student loan borrowers enrolled in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program.”

In response to recent criticism surrounding its alleged issues and failures regarding the PSLF program, Mohela claimed in a statement to the Missouri Independent that it “does not have authority to process loan forgiveness until authorization is provided by FSA, which can take months to occur.”

The company also claimed that there are “false accusations” inside of the bombshell report, which was released in February, that details the company’s servicing failures.

“It is unfortunate and irresponsible that information is being spun to create a false narrative in an attempt to mislead the public. False accusations are being disingenuously branded as an investigative report,” said Mohela. 

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Another airline is making lounge fees more expensive

Qantas Airways is increasing the price of accessing its network of lounges by as much as 17%.



Over the last two years, multiple airlines have dealt with crowding in their lounges. While they are designed as a luxury experience for a small subset of travelers, high numbers of people taking a trip post-pandemic as well as the different ways they are able to gain access through status or certain credit cards made it difficult for some airlines to keep up with keeping foods stocked, common areas clean and having enough staff to serve bar drinks at the rate that customers expect them.

In the fall of 2023, Delta Air Lines  (DAL)  caught serious traveler outcry after announcing that it was cracking down on crowding by raising how much one needs to spend for lounge access and limiting the number of times one can enter those lounges.

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Some airlines saw the outcry with Delta as their chance to reassure customers that they would not raise their fees while others waited for the storm to pass to quietly implement their own increases.

A photograph captures a Qantas Airways lounge in Sydney, Australia.


This is how much more you'll have to pay for Qantas lounge access

Australia's flagship carrier Qantas Airways  (QUBSF)  is the latest airline to announce that it would raise the cost accessing the 24 lounges across the country as well as the 600 international lounges available at airports across the world through partner airlines.

More Travel:

Unlike other airlines which grant access primarily after reaching frequent flyer status, Qantas also sells it through a membership — starting from April 18, 2024, prices will rise from $600 Australian dollars ($392 USD)  to $699 AUD ($456 USD) for one year, $1,100 ($718 USD) to $1,299 ($848 USD) for two years and $2,000 AUD ($1,304) to lock in the rate for four years.

Those signing up for lounge access for the first time also currently pay a joining fee of $99 AUD ($65 USD) that will rise to $129 AUD ($85 USD).

The airline also allows customers to purchase their membership with Qantas Points they collect through frequent travel; the membership fees are also being raised by the equivalent amount in points in what adds up to as much as 17% — from 308,000 to 399,900 to lock in access for four years.

Airline says hikes will 'cover cost increases passed on from suppliers'

"This is the first time the Qantas Club membership fees have increased in seven years and will help cover cost increases passed on from a range of suppliers over that time," a Qantas spokesperson confirmed to Simple Flying. "This follows a reduction in the membership fees for several years during the pandemic."

The spokesperson said the gains from the increases will go both towards making up for inflation-related costs and keeping existing lounges looking modern by updating features like furniture and décor.

While the price increases also do not apply for those who earned lounge access through frequent flyer status or change what it takes to earn that status, Qantas is also introducing even steeper increases for those renewing a membership or adding additional features such as spouse and partner memberships.

In some cases, the cost of these features will nearly double from what members are paying now.

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PR55α-controlled PP2A Inhibits p16 Expression and Blocks Cellular Senescence Induction

“Our results show that PR55α specifically reduces p16 expression […]” Credit: 2024 Palanivel et al. “Our results show that PR55α specifically…



“Our results show that PR55α specifically reduces p16 expression […]”

Credit: 2024 Palanivel et al.

“Our results show that PR55α specifically reduces p16 expression […]”

BUFFALO, NY- March 19, 2024 – A new research paper was published in Aging (listed by MEDLINE/PubMed as “Aging (Albany NY)” and “Aging-US” by Web of Science) Volume 16, Issue 5, entitled, “PR55α-controlled protein phosphatase 2A inhibits p16 expression and blocks cellular senescence induction by γ-irradiation.”

Cellular senescence is a permanent cell cycle arrest that can be triggered by both internal and external genotoxic stressors, such as telomere dysfunction and DNA damage. The execution of senescence is mainly by two pathways, p16/RB and p53/p21, which lead to CDK4/6 inhibition and RB activation to block cell cycle progression. While the regulation of p53/p21 signaling in response to DNA damage and other insults is well-defined, the regulation of the p16/RB pathway in response to various stressors remains poorly understood. 

In this new study, researchers Chitra Palanivel, Lepakshe S. V. Madduri, Ashley L. Hein, Christopher B. Jenkins, Brendan T. Graff, Alison L. Camero, Sumin Zhou, Charles A. Enke, Michel M. Ouellette, and Ying Yan from the University of Nebraska Medical Center report a novel function of PR55α, a regulatory subunit of PP2A Ser/Thr phosphatase, as a potent inhibitor of p16 expression and senescence induction by ionizing radiation (IR), such as γ-rays. 

“During natural aging, there is a gradual accumulation of p16-expressing senescent cells in tissues [76]. To investigate the significance of PR55α in this up-regulation of p16, we compared levels of the p16 and PR55α proteins in a panel of normal tissue specimens derived from young (≤43 y/o) and old (≥68 y/o) donors.”

The results show that ectopic PR55α expression in normal pancreatic cells inhibits p16 transcription, increases RB phosphorylation, and blocks IR-induced senescence. Conversely, PR55α-knockdown by shRNA in pancreatic cancer cells elevates p16 transcription, reduces RB phosphorylation, and triggers senescence induction after IR. Furthermore, this PR55α function in the regulation of p16 and senescence is p53-independent because it was unaffected by the mutational status of p53. Moreover, PR55α only affects p16 expression but not p14 (ARF) expression, which is also transcribed from the same CDKN2A locus but from an alternative promoter. In normal human tissues, levels of p16 and PR55α proteins were inversely correlated and mutually exclusive. 

“Collectively, these results describe a novel function of PR55α/PP2A in blocking p16/RB signaling and IR-induced cellular senescence.”

Read the full paper: DOI: 

Corresponding Authors: Michel M. Ouellette, Ying Yan

Corresponding Emails:,

Keywords: p16, p14, CDKN2A locus, p53, RB, PR55α, PP2A, γ-irradiation

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