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Canadian Portfolio Manager was created to educate do-it-yourself investors and advisors alike. The blog focuses on market-based or passive investing—sorry, no stock picking or market timing advice here. The blog’s author is Justin Bender, a portfolio manager with PWL Capital Inc. in Toronto. Justin is a CFA Charterholder and a CFP Professional.

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Whitepapers: (all co-authored with Dan Bortolotti) After-Tax Returns, The One-Fund Solution, Asset Location for Taxable Investors, Foreign Withholding Taxes, Tax Loss Selling, As Easy as ACB, Norbert’s Gambit- CIBC, Norbet’s Gambit-Scotia, No

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What Should You Do When We Update Our CPM Portfolios?

In an upcoming Canadian Portfolio Manager (CPM) podcast about our new Ridiculous Model Portfolios, we also took the time to address an important Frequently Asked Question from one of our listeners. There are variations on the theme, but the query go...

Canadian Portfolio Manager: Introducing the “Ludicrous” ETF Portfolios

Welcome back! We’ve now pressed our Spaceballs-inspired accelerator past Light and Ridiculous, and have reached a Ludicrous level of model portfolio complexity. Our Ludicrous portfolios include the same ETFs with the same allocations as our Ridicu...

Canadian Portfolio Manager: Introducing the “Ridiculous” ETF Portfolios

Welcome back to our Spaceballs-inspired exploration of the Canadian Portfolio Manager’s (CPM’s) latest four model ETF portfolios. Our models now range from our simple (but not simplistic!) Light portfolios, to our bordering-on-insanely complicat...

Canadian Portfolio Manager: Introducing the “Light” ETF Portfolios

When I first watched Star Wars, I thought it would be impossible to improve on its perfection. What a blast it was! But that was before I became a huge fan of the Spaceballs spoof of the same. Likewise, as fond as we are of the original Canadian Por...

Part II: Foreign Withholding Taxes for Global Equity, Global Bond, and Asset Allocation ETFs

Welcome back! In Part I of our series on Foreign Withholding Taxes on Foreign ETF Distributions, we took on foreign withholding taxes for equity ETFs. Today, we’ll cover the same for global equity, global bond, and asset allocation ETFs. Or again,...