InvesBrain Pro provides Canadian and international investors with timely research, commentary and ideas on stocks, investments, business and economics.

We're looking for domain experts, analysts, and professional investors who can generate quantifiable information that helps investors understand where the opportunities and risks are.

Our goal is to provide investors with high quality actionable insight and information so we're very discerning - we want InvesBrain Pro subscribers to be thrilled with the end product.

We're looking for contributors who can provide:

Commentary, interpretation and analysis of Canadian company news as it happens, including exploration results, transactions, profitability and growth trends, etc.
Long and short investing and trading ideas
Analysis of Canadian small and mid cap companies not covered or poorly coverered by brokers
On demand research - subscribers may request coverage on specific stocks
Indepth emerging business sector analysis - help subscribers understand where the opportunities and risk are in the green, tech and cannabis sectors
Macroeconomic and market commentary, strategy discussions and debate


We compensate our contributors in a number of ways: From exposure and promotion, to fees per report, article or per word, to fees for a monthly committment to provide ongoing commentary and interpretation, to fees plus revenue sharing for long form analysis and reporting

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