Securing 5G networks

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In an IT World article, Howard Solomon wrote about the chairman’s statement that emerged from a recent 5G Security Conference that took place last week in Prague. The 2 day meeting of officials, representing 32 countries, did not reach any binding conclusions, but the chair issued a 20-point set of “proposals”.

In the preamble, the statement observes the following characteristics of 5G networks:

Cyber security not only a technical issue

Both technical and non-technical nature of cyber threats

Possible serious effects of 5G networks disruption

Nation-wide approach

Proper risk assessment essential

Broad nature of security measures

No universal solutions

Ensuring security while supporting innovation

Security costs money

Supply chain security

The proposals were categorized under 4 headings: Policy; Technology; Economy; and, Security, Privacy, and Resilience.

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Mark Goldberg

Mark Goldberg has more than 35 years of international experience in strategic planning, managing, designing and implementing telecommunications carrier networks. His background includes heading the Network Services organization for one of Canada's largest long distance companies, developing the network architecture for competition in Canada, design of the US Government Voice Network, creating the business plan for Canada's Information Highway initiative, and helping international entrepreneurs launch traditional and enhanced telecommunications services. He holds a Masters degree in Mathematical statistics from Carleton University and a Bachelor's in Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario

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