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Andrew Scheer ought to be ashamed.

In a recent campaign announcement, Scheer pledged that if elected, a Conservative government under his leadership would slash foreign aid spending by 25 percent.

This was no slip of the tongue.

Scheer reinforced his position in a subsequent tweet, in which he wrote that, “A new Conservative government will help keep more of your hard-earned money.  We won’t send billions of your tax dollars in foreign aid to developed countries and foreign dictators.  It’s time for you to get ahead.”

It was downright disgraceful of him.

But unfortunately, it was hardly surprising.

Ever since Scheer became Conservative leader, he has had a proclivity to flirt with nativist, populist sentiment.  One need only recall his fear-mongering over irregular US-Canada border crossings.  Or his blatant appeal to xenophobic voters through his opposition to the United Nations Global Compact on Migration.

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