Four Reasons Why Videos On LinkedIn Are Skyrocketing

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Are you making LinkedIn videos these days? A growing number of entrepreneurs are jumping on the video bandwagon.

It’s really interesting to see how LinkedIn has suddenly emerged as a video platform. LinkedIn has come a long way from being a place where recruiters hunted for candidates, while the rest of the world didn’t pay much attention.

You have to wonder why there is growing interest in LinkedIn and why it has become the platform for many many entrepreneurs.

And I think it’s happening for a few reasons.

Number one is that LinkedIn made it easy to upload videos. This simple change made it more accessible, more user-friendly, and a lot of people are starting to embrace LinkedIn as a video platform. I’m using LinkedIn a lot more these days than Facebook and Twitter.

Number two is that video production doesn’t have to be high-quality. I think we’ve come to a point in time where people realize that video is a powerful medium but videos don’t have to be made in a studio. You don’t need great lighting or great microphones. All you need is an iPhone, a background, and my “technology” is a tripod. People are filming videos in their offices, they are making videos while they walk around, or they are making videos in their cars, even while driving.

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