Finances for freelancers in the gig economy

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For freelancers, understanding finances, taxes, etc. can be more confusing than for people who hold down a regular 9 to 5 job. That’s a big problem. In the USA, “Gig workers are expected to comprise 40 percent of the workforce by the end of the decade,” reports the Times Free Press. “And they are not saving enough.” Canada seems to be on a similar path. For the masses of freelance graphic designers, web coders and sharing economy DIY-entrepreneurs, knowing more about how to save and invest is critical. Without this knowledge, they might just be retiring years later than their more conventionally office-rooted peers.

Barry Choi is the expert behind Money We Have. It is one of Canada’s most trusted personal finance blogs. So what should freelancers know in regard to their finances? Barry’s here to tell us.

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