Episode 113: Taking Control of our Personal Data

Nov 27 20:11 2019 Print This Article

How can you tell the difference between a company that resells your data and one that treats it with care? How do you control where it ends up? In this episode of the Georgian Impact Podcast, Jon Prial is joined by Lisa Levasseur, founder of the Me2BAlliance. They discuss a future where consumers are more educated and companies adhere voluntarily to standards to earn the trust of their customers.

You’ll hear about: 

Developing a standard for personal data management

How to develop standards for products and services that are trustworthy

Why disclosing business models lays the foundation for trust

How consumers can manage their data

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Who is Lisa Levasseur?

Lisa Levasseur is the founder of the Me2BAlliance. Lisa has been a software professional for over 30 years, with her formative career years spent at Motorola, developing software for mobile phone infrastructure. M2B’s aim is to review technology products so you know right away if a product or service is treating you right.

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