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Group economics blog written by Canadian Economics professors and authors from the University of Laval, Carleton University, Richard Ivey School of Business, and Lakehead University

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Stephen Gordon

Professor of economics at ‘Universite Laval in Quebec Fellow of the Centre interuniversitaire sur le risque, les politiques economiques et l’emploi (CIRPEE)

Frances Woolley

Professor of Economics at Carleton University Associate Dean of the Faculty of Public Affairs at Carleton University

Mike Moffatt

Lecturer in Business, Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) group at Richard Ivey School of Business Co-Owner & Co-Founder of Nexreg Compliance Inc. (consulting firm specializes in environmental and health safety law) Economics Guide at About.com (2002-2010)


From Bloomberg “ ………...the quality of the writing and thinking is top-notch. This trio of Canadian economists writes about, well, economics. By which I mean anything and everything in economics. They do, I’m afraid, conform to the Canadian stereotype of being smart, affable and even-handed.”

Awards & Publications

https://www.ecn.ulaval.ca/~sgor/ (National Post columns, Globe & Mail blog posts, Maclean’s blog posts https://www.ecn.ulaval.ca/en/stephen.gordon (contains academic publications list as well as email & phone number for university)

Latest Articles

The Balance of the Federation: Canada 1870 to 2016

My contribution to Maclean’s 2018 Chartapalooza was a plot of the federal government’s share of total government expenditure in Canada since 1870.  The chart showed that until World War I, with the exception of period marked by the building of ...

Price Level Targeting targets the Stickiest Prices; Inflation Targeting targets the more Flexible Prices

And it's good to target the stickiest prices; and bad to target the more flexible prices. It means that recessions under inflation targeting can last as long as it takes for the stickiest prices to change. Which is bad. And it's especially bad for u...

The best and worst paid names on the Ontario sunshine list

The Ontario government publishes an annual "Sunshine List". This is a dataset containing detailed salary information on every Ontario government employee earning over $100,000 per year. The list includes the salaries of public servants, also salarie...

The Tale of the Two Cobblers (collusive price cuts)

Mostly for fun, and teaching. But I think it might matter. A village had two cobblers. The right-handed cobbler was best at making right shoes. The left-handed cobbler was best at making left shoes. So the villagers would buy one shoe from each cobb...

"Profits = Investment - Saving"

Or, "Profits = Expenditure - Income". Those are just alternative ways of saying the same thing, for a closed economy, if investment and saving include government investment and saving. Most economists will say that's wrong. And it is wrong by standa...