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Group economics blog written by Canadian Economics professors and authors from the University of Laval, Carleton University, Richard Ivey School of Business, and Lakehead University

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Stephen Gordon

Professor of economics at ‘Universite Laval in Quebec Fellow of the Centre interuniversitaire sur le risque, les politiques economiques et l’emploi (CIRPEE)

Frances Woolley

Professor of Economics at Carleton University Associate Dean of the Faculty of Public Affairs at Carleton University

Mike Moffatt

Lecturer in Business, Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) group at Richard Ivey School of Business Co-Owner & Co-Founder of Nexreg Compliance Inc. (consulting firm specializes in environmental and health safety law) Economics Guide at About.com (2002-2010)


From Bloomberg “ ………...the quality of the writing and thinking is top-notch. This trio of Canadian economists writes about, well, economics. By which I mean anything and everything in economics. They do, I’m afraid, conform to the Canadian stereotype of being smart, affable and even-handed.”

Awards & Publications

https://www.ecn.ulaval.ca/~sgor/ (National Post columns, Globe & Mail blog posts, Maclean’s blog posts https://www.ecn.ulaval.ca/en/stephen.gordon (contains academic publications list as well as email & phone number for university)

Latest Articles

Why do we care about the labour share of income?

And by 'we', I mean 'Canadians'. A lot has been said and written about the decline in the labour share of income, usually calculated as total employee compensation divided by nominal GDP. This decline is generally regarded as a negative development:...

The 1 vs 3 Model of Quick Recessions vs Slow Recoveries

Business cycles are not symmetric; if you flipped the time-series data upside-down the fluctuations would look different. Recessions are usually quick; recoveries are usually slow. And Milton Friedman's "Plucking Model" seems to fit the data: big fa...

The Blind Target Shooter

This is an attempt by someone who is not very good at math to understand the alleged "indeterminacy problem" of central banks using market signals of expected inflation to help them target inflation (or whatever). [I used to do rifle shooting at sch...

A well-deserved tribute to Nick Rowe

As you may know, Nick has retired from teaching. His career as a teacher and blogger has earned him this very nice tribute in the pages of The Economist: Learning macro is a source of anxiety for many students. Teaching it can give their professors...

Learning outcomes: potential game-changer, or worthless bean-counting and cataloguing exercise?

Summary: Harvey Weingarten, President of the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, describes learning outcomes as a "game-changer." A report by Richard Shireman argues that setting out learning outcomes has become, in some cases, nothing more...