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Peridot Capital Management LLC is a Seattle-based independent registered investment advisor (RIA), specializing in highly customized investment management services for individuals and families. Their strategy is based on historical stock market data dating back to the 1800’s which shows a strong inverse correlation between stock valuations and future share price performance.

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Chad Brand

Chad Brand is the Founder and President of Peridot Capital Management LLC. Chad received his bachelor’s degree in finance from Washington University in St. Louis and has passed both the NASD Series 7 General Securities Representative exam and the Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor exam. Prior to founding Peridot Capital Management LLC, he worked in the corporate finance department at Express Scripts, Inc, a Fortune 25 healthcare services and management company. Chad has been featured in various business publications. Chad has also spoken at the University of Missouri (Columbia) Business School, as a guest lecturer to both undergraduate and MBA level students. In addition, Chad served as a weekly columnist for in the late 1990’s before launching his own investment blog, the Peridot Capitalist, in 2004. The site has been named one of the best investment blogs in the U.S. by several media sources, resulting in Chad’s commentary on various companies being feature


“10 Best Investing Blogs” Daily Reckoning (2010)

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Back in the tech bubble of the 1998-2000 era investors were left holding the bag because they paid up mightily for small, fast-growing companies that were losing money but promising dominant long-term businesses based on fast growing end markets. Pa...

Why I Am Selling Apple in the 180’s

While technology giant Apple (AAPL) has not been a large holding at my firm for a long time, until recently my clients did have some residual shares with a very cost basis as a result of paring back their legacy positions over time. In recent days I...

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It should not be surprising that hiring a veteran restaurant executive to replace an inexperienced founder will have a material impact on the business and its stock. Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) is a classic example, as Steve Ells stepping aside for...

Signs of Topping in the Consumer Credit Cycle

Don’t bother counting me in the camp that thinks they can predict when the next recession will hit. The current consensus from those who try to do such things seems to be sometime in 2020, but I don’t think anybody really knows. But that does no...