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Throughout his distinguished career, Ed Broadbent – educator, advocate, and political icon – has strived to create a better and more compassionate Canada. The institute exists to advance this vision. Broadbent understands that too much emphasis on markets can threaten important social programs and produce extreme levels of inequality, which excludes too many Canadians from making meaningful choices and enjoying a life of dignity.

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is the economy blog's primary writer. He is the Broadbent Institute's Senior Policy Advisor. In September, 2012 he retired from a long career as Chief Economist and Director of Social and Economic Policy with the Canadian Labour Congress.

Awards & Publications

Books: Work and Labour in Canada (2011) Awards: Sefton prize- University of Toronto for lifetime contributions to industrial relations

Latest Articles

Securitization and the Muslim community in Canada

The recent passage of Bill 21 in Quebec, which effectively bans teachers and other provincial employees from wearing the hijab, continues in the legacy of discriminatory policy that is based on the securitization of Muslims in Canada. Put simply, e...

Data Analysis: Millennials and Growing Inequality

In May, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden caused a small media storm when comments he made that he had no empathy for millennials who argue they face more difficult economic circumstances than previous generations circulated on social med...

The Very Way Cities Like Toronto Are Run Is Making Inequality Worse

An impersonal decision-making process excludes communities whose stories need to be heard. ...

Why a Green New Deal Could Spark a Technological Revolution

The movement for a “Green New Deal” has taken off in the US and Canada. The idea takes inspiration from the American post-war economic mobilization and creation of a welfare state. The Green New Deal calls on us to solve the climate crisis and ...

The power of geographic solidarity in winning fair economies

Solidarity has long been a standing principle of social justice advocates, but in the face of the current crisis of inequality and the concentration of power and money, solidarity is an essential ingredient of change. This was the message at a day-...