California firm takes cannabinoid research personally

by Invesbrain Tuesday, July 18, 2017
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California firm looks to Israel for personalized cannabinoid approach

The news magazine ISRAEL21c reports a U.S. biopharma company is teaming up with an Israeli counterpart to forward the use of cannabinoids in the field of personalized medicine.

California-based CURE Pharmaceutical recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Therapix Biosciences of Tel Aviv. The “research collaboration” will be done in conjunction with the eight hospitals and medical centres of Israel’s Assuta Medical Centers.

Therapix’s lead compound THX-TS01 is currently in phase 2 clinical trials to treat Tourette’s syndrome. It hopes to begin a Phase 1 clinical trial for another compound, THX-ULD01, for the treatment of mild cognitive impairment.

Both compounds employ an “FDA-approved synthetic THC.”

Therapix is also developing new cannabinoid delivery technologies including nasal and sublingual (under the tongue) methods.


CMAJ commentary argues for two-stream cannabis system

Arguing ‘recreational cannabis and cannabinoid-based drugs (including medical cannabis) are not equivalent,’ the authors of a commentary in the Canadian Medical Association Journal say Canada should continue with a separate medical cannabis stream after legalization.

In a report by EurekAlert!, Elizabeth Cairns and Dr. Melanie Kelly of Dalhousie University’s Department of Pharmacology, write that “(without) a program that supports medical use, patients may lose access to treatments that the Federal Court of Canada has deemed appropriate, which fosters safe and appropriate use."

The Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation also recommended a two-streamed system.
According to the EurekAlert! report, “the authors suggest that a medical stream for cannabis and cannabinoids would reduce risk to patients, provide incentives for research into the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids, and provide educational resources for health care practitioners on the latest advances in cannabinoid research.”


U.S.-German-Israeli deal links cancer diagnostics with cannabinoids

MMJ Reporter writes an American cannabinoid firm with an R&D foothold in Israel is teaming up with a German “world pioneer in cancer diagnostics.”

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. recently agreed to become “the exclusive international provider unit” of SIMFO GmbH’s Circulating Tumour Cell (CTC) diagnostics to people suffering with cancer and being treated with CBDs.

SIMFO previously initiated preclinical trials into CBDs and drug development with Cannabics’ cannabinoid formulations.

Cannabics’ R&D facility is “concentrated” in Israel.


Data on CBD analogue to be presented at neuroscience meeting

Stockhouse reports Califonia-based NEMUS Bioscience is set to present research on its CBD analogue at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Neuroscience this November.

The data, compiled by NEMUS’ R&D partner the University of Mississippi “will show the superiority of the NEMUS proprietary analogue of CBD, NB2222, versus plant-derived CBD in ameliorating pain in a validated mouse (murine) model of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy using an opioid as an active comparator.”

The firm will also present data on the anti-addictive potential of NB2222.

"We have been able to demonstrate that NB2222 was able to deliver analgesia comparable to morphine, which has been implicated in the current global opioid abuse epidemic. The research team then moved to the next step using a validated animal model of addiction to opioids to assess the anti-abuse potential of NB2222 as a therapeutic. We look forward to presenting the data this fall," said Dr. Kenneth Sufka, research professor with the National Center for Natural Products Research at UM.


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