Virus Worries Weighed On Stocks As REITs, Bonds Rose Last Week

Jan 27 12:01 2020 Print This Article

China’s spreading coronavirus took a bite out of risk assets late

last week, inducing a run into safe havens.

US real estate investment trusts (REITs) and US bonds posted

gains for the trading week through Friday, Jan. 24. Meanwhile, stocks and

commodities took a hit, based on a set of exchange-traded funds that represent

the world’s major

asset classes.

China’s economy is expected to take a short-term hit from the virus fallout, predicts Danske Bank Chief Analyst Allen von Mehren. In a research note today he estimates that GDP in the country may be one percentage point lower in the first half of 2020. He advises that “we are in uncharted waters as a virus of this kind has not taken place in the more modern economy that China is today, with much wider transport networks and being more integrated with the global economy.”

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