SPONSORED: SENTRY Works with United utilities to Improve the Activated Sludge Process

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United Utilities uses the SENTRY monitoring platform to optimize loading capacity and energy efficiency of the Activated Sludge Process.

“SENTRY is quick and easy to install and boasts an intuitive dashboard to display its graphical representation of real-time data. This has provided us with a whole new level of insight into our site performance, which our graduate team are utilizing to study efficiencies in our activated sludge process.” – United Utilities Business Manager

The Need

Activated Sludge Process (ASP) optimization; increasing organic load and optimizing aeration efficiency

SENTRY was installed by United Utilities in an activated sludge wastewater treatment plant, with the key goal of using it to monitor treatment performance while they gradually increased organic loading for the facility. The facility was tasked with receiving additional sludge filtrate from a number of nearby treatment plants. The key for the operations team is to be able to maximize their ability to take this additional organic load while maintaining suitable treatment from the ASP.

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