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Jun 11 15:06 2019 Print This Article

It’s time to close the spreadsheets and think differently

about the world of energy.

A couple of weeks ago, the International Energy Agency (IEA)

released their 176-page report titled, World Energy Investment 2019. I

will spare you the read and take you to a quote, buried on page 30 that pretty

much sums up what most analysts in the business already know: “Energy

investment is misaligned with where the world appears to be heading…”

The gap between what we perceive, what we aspire to, and

what is reality is already wider than the Pacific Ocean. And it’s getting

wider. I look at all the numbers, read all the reports—including the IEA’s most

recent—and the reality is clear: Investment into renewables has plateaued at

best; energy efficiency is treading water; and the proportion of primary energy

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