Josef Schachter – Energy Analyst – Mon 10 Sep, 2018

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By Cory댊

The Opportunities Ahead For Energy Plays

Josef Schachter, Founder of The Schachter Energy Report joins me today to share his outlook on the overall energy sector. We follow up on our prior call where Josef said we would see the overall sector pullback after the summer driving season. He backs up these comments with updated data on inventories investors positioning. We also look at the upcoming conference that Josef is hosting. This is the first year for the conference but Josef already has a number of high quality companies that will be presenting as well panels where experts and investors can ask the companies whatever they want.

I have a lot of respect for Josef and his newsletter. If you share by bullish outlook for the energy sector then I highly recommend his newsletter and this conference. If you have any follow up questions for Josef regarding companies or his conference please email me at

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