How to stop ‘conversation hijacking’ from hijacking your firm

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Man-in-the-middle attacks, as the name suggests, involve techniques where attackers in some way insert themselves in the middle of a transaction or communication for advantage.

One of the most recent publicly-reported examples was the diversion last year by criminals of $1 million that was supposed to be sent from a Chinese venture capital firm to an Israeli startup.

A blog posted today from Barracuda Networks included a stern reminder about what it calls “conversation hijacking” aided by creating fake domains for impersonating email addresses. It’s a threat that has to be faced by CISOs.

While the volume of domain impersonation attacks is extremely low compared to phishing attacks, the report notes that it has been increasing in recent months. Looking at customer data of 500,000 monthly email attacks, Barracuda saw more than 2,000 domain impersonation attacks in November. By comparison, there were only 500 in July.

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