Galleria Centre Update - Demolition Complete

Sep 06 12:09 2016 Print This Article

​In October 2015, NexusCrowd Investors participated in the development of the Galleria Centre, a 238,000 sq. ft. retail centre being developed by our Partner, Terracap Investments through an equity investment. The centre is located near Dixie and Dundas in Mississauga, Ontario. We are pleased to announce that demolition is complete and remediation is underway at the site with construction of the project expected to begin soon after.As with any real estate development project, there are risks. Whether it be receiving municipal approvals, remediation, timing, construction costs, pre-sales, etc., having a development partner with the experience and track record to mitigate these risks is crucial for investors.As a NexusCrowd Investor, accredited investors have the opportunity to invest alongside our partners and leverage their expertise in developing large scale projects. As an individual accredited investor, unless you have the time, expertise, capital and/or the relationships, participating in these types of investment opportunities is simply not possible. We are changing this.

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NexusCrowd is the first investment platform in Canada to harness the power of the crowd to offer investors the opportunity to co-invest alongside venture capital and private equity partners on the same terms. NexusCrowd partners with institutions to provide accredited investors with access to exclusive private investment opportunities that have reached at least 50% of the funding target. NexusCrowd is led by a team with unique expertise in financial services, technology and institutional finance. It’s the only investment platform in Canada with an exempt market dealer license that uniquely partners with institutions on equity and debt financings. Combined with proprietary investment and fundraising technology, NexusCrowd provides a simple, transparent process for investors, and a frictionless way for venture capital and private equity partners to raise new capital. NexusCrowd announced today that it has joined the MaRS Financial Technology (FinTech) cluster.


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