CNN Loves The Manual Transmission Electric Corvette: Genovation GXE

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CNN Business takes the all electric Chevy Corvette for a spin

CNN Business writer Peter Valdes-Dapena is one of the lucky few. He was gifted the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the new Genovation GXE. After Genovation destroyed electric car top speed records with their previous C6 based prototype, the new GXE is based on the current gen Corvette Grand Sport.

More About The Genovation GXE

New Video Provides Closer Look At Electric Genovation Corvette

Genovation C6 Corvette Sets Electric Standing-Mile Record (w/video)

Genovation Extreme Electric Corvette C7 To Enter Production Priced At $750,000

Up until this point, electric cars had never really excited Mr. Valdes-Dapena. Why? Because he loves to drive a stick:

I love driving. And I love switching gears. So when a company called Genovation invited me to try a prototype of their electric sports car with a 7-speed transmission? I said heck yes.

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