New wind farm in Alberta comes online September 1: AA, anyone?

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The Whitla Wind project phase I came onto Alberta’s grid yesterday (September 1 2019) around 1:05 pm local time. Phase 1 is 202 megawatts capacity, making it the second-largest farm in the province— Blackspring Ridge, at 300 MW, is the largest. (Project info here.)

Could we say that Whitla, together with three new gas-fired steam plants that came online between late February and early July,1 represents Alberta’s first step toward phasing out coal-fired power? The three gas-fired plants are in what the Alberta system operator calls the “Cogeneration” category—that is, most of them are co-located with oilsands processing facilities, and appear to be the oil patch’s clever way of developing a lucrative new side business under the guise of politically correct concepts like… cogeneration.

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Steve Aplin, author of Canadian Energy Issues, is the Vice President of Energy and Environment at the HDP Group Inc., an Ottawa-based management consultancy. He leads energy- and environment-related projects dealing with current and future energy production and use at the macro and micro levels. In addition to the technical, technological, and organizational aspects, all of these projects involve also a political dimension, which often necessitates advocacy at various levels of government as well as in the general public arena.

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