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Group economics blog written by Canadian Economics professors and authors from the University of Laval, Carleton University, Richard Ivey School of Business, and Lakehead University

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Stephen Gordon

Professor of economics at ‘Universite Laval in Quebec Fellow of the Centre interuniversitaire sur le risque, les politiques economiques et l’emploi (CIRPEE)

Frances Woolley

Professor of Economics at Carleton University Associate Dean of the Faculty of Public Affairs at Carleton University

Mike Moffatt

Lecturer in Business, Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) group at Richard Ivey School of Business Co-Owner & Co-Founder of Nexreg Compliance Inc. (consulting firm specializes in environmental and health safety law) Economics Guide at About.com (2002-2010)


From Bloomberg “ ………...the quality of the writing and thinking is top-notch. This trio of Canadian economists writes about, well, economics. By which I mean anything and everything in economics. They do, I’m afraid, conform to the Canadian stereotype of being smart, affable and even-handed.”

Awards & Publications

https://www.ecn.ulaval.ca/~sgor/ (National Post columns, Globe & Mail blog posts, Maclean’s blog posts https://www.ecn.ulaval.ca/en/stephen.gordon (contains academic publications list as well as email & phone number for university)

Latest Articles

How prepared is your hospital for COVID-19?

I've written a blog post for the Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP).  It begins: One widely touted response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to “flatten the curve” — to spread COVID-19 infections over time, so that the medical system c...

Covid-19, Italy and Lessons for Canada

by Thomas Barbiero, Ryerson University and Livio Di Matteo, Lakehead University As Italo-Canadese and members of the large Italian diaspora throughout the world, we have found the COVID-19 situation in Italy truly heart-wrenching.  As we write, Ita...

Regional disparities in hospital bed access across Canada

Thank you to Kayle Hatt and Kevin Andrew for generating some of the numbers and charts behind this post, and for helpful suggestions. The number of acute care hospital beds per capita is an imperfect measure of a health care system's ability to...

Relative supply shocks, Unobtainium, Walras' Law, and the Coronavirus

Here's the basic idea: A temporary 100% output cut in 50% of the sectors (what the Coronavirus does) is very different from a 50% output cut in 100% of the sectors (what our intuitions might expect from supply shocks in aggregate macro models). The ...

This is no virus for old men

Statistics Canada has just released a dataset with detailed anonymized information on all confirmed COVID-19 cases in Canada, available for download here. Unlike many of the available trackers, the Statistics Canada data reports cases by date of ons...