WealthBar is Canada's first and only full-service online financial advisor. They help thousands of Canadians save time and money with online personal financial planning facilitated by real financial advisors and offer professionally managed investment strategies that are a faction of the cost of traditional mutual funds while also offering better diversification

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Tea Nicola

Tea Nicola, co-founder of WealthBar, is passionate about personal finance and wants to help people understand how small changes can make a big difference. Originally a mechanical engineer, she later spent years working as a financial advisor and advisor trainer. Tea is excited about transforming the way Canadians get personal financial advice.

Chris Nicola

Chris, co-founder of WealthBar, is a software engineer and has a M.Sc in applied math. His experience with wealth management started with his first job, working in IT at his father's wealth management firm when he was 14. Many ideas that have gone into WealthBar are the result of many years spent working to modernize the business of financial advice.

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Market Update: Investors Optimistic as Global Economies Reopen

The quickest bear market in the history of the US S&P 500 turned into the best 50-day bull market rally in history in May. By market close on June 3, 2020, the S&P 500 Index was up 37.7% from its March 23, 2020 low. This bullish investor sentiment h...

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There are plenty of good reasons to learn how to save money. Your goals could be as long-term as paying down your mortgage, or as short-term as buying a new cordless vacuum. Either way, you’re preparing for the future. And when it comes to persona...

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US and Canadian stock indices closed the year with double digit returns in 2019 as global equities had their best year in a decade. Here’s how this and other market trends affected your portfolio: Performance* ETF Portfolios December performa...

Tax Hacks. Top 6 Tips to Get the Most out of Tax Season

Are you leaving money on the table when it comes time to file your taxes? Lots of people do. They leave that ratty pile of receipts in the drawer (where they left them last year, too). And they don’t take full advantage of the deductions to which ...

Thoughtful Giving: 6 Generous Gift Ideas That Aren’t Things

If you’ve ever visited a mall in the days leading up to December 25th, you know how intense the holiday shopping season can be.  One third of all Canadians say the holiday season is more stressful now than it was five years ago—the main reasons...