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Linda Nazareth, author of Relentless Economics, is an economist, author, broadcaster, and speaker. The Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and a frequent media commentator, she is an expert on demographics and trends, and uses a wide range of media to communicate her observations about a world in transition. For twelve years until 2012, Linda was the in-house economist for Business News Network (BNN), the business cable arm of CTV (Canada’s biggest private sector broadcaster). Daily she covered the economic news of the day on-air, looking at the markets and the economic indicators and giving viewers analysis and context.

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“Linda was one of the first economists to accurately warn of the global recession and its likely severity.”

Awards & Publications

Columns: The Globe & Mail: Books: Economorphics: The Trends Turning Today into Tomorrow (2016) The Leisure Economy (2007) The Ever After Effect (2001) Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change - Macdonald Laurier Institute- 2012 Que

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Episode 3: Can We Prepare Our Communities for the Future of Work?

As the labor market goes through an evolution that started long before the pandemic, our communities are being transformed as well. In many cases that means good things, as when successful companies hire and prosperity increases. Other times there a...

Episode 4: The Lights are Out in the Travel Sector – Will They Ever Go Back On?

Many sectors have been impacted by the pandemic, but none more completely than the travel sector. One week is was functioning at full capacity, and then the next the lights had completely gone out, or so it seems. When they go back on, they will shi...