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OptionMatters.ca is a blog about the Canadian options market. OptionMatters focuses on sharing information and insights concerning the use of options in various market conditions. OptionMatters is part of the educational mandate of the Montréal Exchange to assist Canadian's in perfecting their risk management skills.

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Jason Ayres

President of Learn To Trade Global as well as founder of OptionSource.net and has been providing education, insight and opportunities in the stock and options market over the last seven years. Jason is a Derivative Market Specialist by designation. Jason actively advocates and educates investors on the practical utilization of options for managing risk, cash flow and leverage.

Patrick Ceresna

Patrick Ceresna is the Chief Derivative Market Strategist for Learn To Trade Global and editor of the Market Timing Strategist and Stock Rental Business newsletters. Patrick is a Chartered Market Technician, Derivative Market Specialist and Canadian Investment Manager by designation. Prior to becoming a partner at LTTG, Patrick attained ten years experience working at major financial firms in numerous trading roles including the trading of a large fund dedicated exclusively to options writing.

Richard N. Croft

President of R. N. Croft Financial Group, Inc., a company that provides personal portfolio management and consulting services to individual investors, has been in the securities business since 1975. In 1998, he co-developed three FPX Indices for the National Post, which examines the returns for a series of portfolios geared to average Canadian investors. In 2004, Richard extended that concept to include three RealWorld portfolio indices that purport to demonstrate the performance of the FPX portfolio indices adjusted for real world costs. In 1999, he developed two options writing indices for the Montréal Exchange. He also developed the FundLine methodology, which is a graphic interpretation of portfolio diversification that defines what elements of diversification a specific mutual fund brings to the portfolio. He also developed an index for rating the performance of fund managers; the proprietary model known as Manager Value Added Index (MVA Index). In 1999, Richard co-developed a por

Marie- Josee Laramee

Marie-Josée Laramée is a content manager for the options and futures markets of the Montréal Exchange. Over the years, Marie-Josée wrote several articles and publications on the use of derivatives such as the Option Matters and CADerivatives newsletter and trading guides for MX products.


“i’d like to thank mr.Richard Croft for making derivatives seem more interesting and enjoyable,especially when he’s the guest BNN’s Market Call, i’ve also come across a few articles which i personally consider a wealth of information in a capsule compared to the dry and incomrehensible videos on CBOE options institute, I never really figured out what condors where about until i read his article on the matter.”

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In our last article we discussed how to reduce the risk associated with the time-value decay of options in a directional position. Now we will take advantage of the market meltdown to discuss the implied volatility in the price of an option, how it ...

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Reduce the Risk Associated with Time Value Decay

Reduce the risk associated with time value decay In this article, we will examine how to reduce the risk associated with the time value decay of options in a directional position, as well as how this affects the strategy’s payoff profile. As can b...

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