Tim Merel, founder and managing director of Digi-Capital, has experience in AR/VR, mobile, games & digital from both investment banking and industry, with education in software engineering, law and business from Yale and Sydney University. Tim is a global super-connector, with C-level relationships across start-ups, high growth independents, corporates and VC/private equity. Tim leverages his knowledge, relationships and ideas within and across regions in America, Asia and Europe for M&A, investment and strategy, using his experience from 60 engagements globally. Tim is recognised as a global AR/VR, mobile and games expert, equally comfortable at discussing deal structures, strategy, operations or technology. Tim is also Founder/CEO of Eyetouch Reality, and has worked for News Corporation and Ernst & Young in America, Asia and Europe.

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James Tong

James Tong, operating director in China, has technology experience across both industry and investment. He holds electrical engineering, computer science and business qualifications from Berkeley, CalTech and CalState San Jose, so he is as adept at hard core tech as he is at funding structures. James’ experience includes leading Dextrys’ 2,800 person China operations (raising significant private equity from Francisco Partners), as a Venture Partner in the Gobi Singapore-China Fund, and as a General Partner at iGlobe Partners where he relocated 5 portfolio companies from the U.S. to China.

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Over $4 billion AR/VR investment in 2019 for 3rd highest year

Digi-Capital’s AR/VR Analytics Platform tracked $4.1 billion AR/VR investment in 2019, the third-highest virtual reality investment and augmented reality investment year on record after 2017 and 2018. However, investment dropped significantly in Q...

Video: Apple, Facebook or Microsoft – the future of AR?

MIT Media Lab presentation by Digi-Capital at AR in Action conference discussing the future of augmented reality, and how Apple, Facebook and Microsoft could influence where the market heads next. ...

Is Apple, Facebook or Microsoft the future of augmented reality?

Apple is seen by some as critical to the future of augmented reality, despite limited traction for ARKit so far and its absence from smartglasses (again so far). Yet Facebook, Microsoft and others are arguably more important to where the market is t...

Virtual reality and augmented reality startup valuations hit $45 billion (on paper)

Despite early stage virtual reality market and augmented reality market valuations softening in a transitional period, total global AR/VR startup valuations are now at $45 billion globally (over $67 billion including non-pure play AR/VR startups dis...

AR/VR investment and M&A opportunities as startup valuations soften

If today’s AR/VR investment/M&A dynamics continue, there could be a 12 to 18 month window for corporate and VC “smart money” to do deals with AR/VR leaders at sensible valuations. And if the market begins to take off in late 2020 (potentially ...