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Throughout his distinguished career, Ed Broadbent – educator, advocate, and political icon – has strived to create a better and more compassionate Canada. The institute exists to advance this vision. Broadbent understands that too much emphasis on markets can threaten important social programs and produce extreme levels of inequality, which excludes too many Canadians from making meaningful choices and enjoying a life of dignity.

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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is the economy blog's primary writer. He is the Broadbent Institute's Senior Policy Advisor. In September, 2012 he retired from a long career as Chief Economist and Director of Social and Economic Policy with the Canadian Labour Congress.

Awards & Publications

Books: Work and Labour in Canada (2011) Awards: Sefton prize- University of Toronto for lifetime contributions to industrial relations

Latest Articles

Let’s shore up workers today while thinking of the future in light of COVID-19

Every crisis, it is said, also provides us with an opportunity. Government responses to the economic and social emergency caused by COVID-19 must deal with the immediate impacts on vulnerable workers and communities, but also move us towards our lo...

Federal COVID-19 aid needs speed, and space to grow

On March 18, the federal government announced an aid package to help workers and businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The package includes $27 billion in wage supports and enhanced benefits, and $55 billion in deferred income ...

Canada’s Response to the Coronavirus: Better than the US, Worse than EU

How does Canada’s fiscal response to the coronavirus stack up so far relative to the rest of the world? Data compiled by the IMF suggests that the totality of Ottawa’s announced measures rank somewhere in the middle among major western econom...

Financing the War Against COVID-19

It is no exaggeration to say that the world and Canada are now at war with a virus which threatens human lives, our health care system and the economy. As in all wars, the goal of victory takes priority, the normal rules of the game should not appl...

A Tribute to Mel Watkins

Mel Watkins is dead and Canada is the poorer for it. ...