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Best Stocks To Invest In Right Now? 3 Biotech Stocks To Know

Check out these biotech players under the microscope now.
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3 Biotech Stocks For Your June Watchlist

When looking for the most active stocks today, investors would likely think of meme stocks. However, biotech stocks may also come to mind as well in the stock market today. As most seasoned investors would know, the biotech industry is jam-packed with exciting news for traders to digest. Namely, the biotech industry is filled with companies that conduct research on life-improving treatments. Given the vast array of illnesses to be cured today, investors would have plenty of companies to choose from now.

For instance, a very prominent example would be COVID-19. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, countless biotech companies sprang into action to develop a vaccine. Now, companies such as Moderna Inc. (NASDAQ: MRNA) and Novavax Inc. (NASDAQ: NVAX) are in the spotlight thanks to their vaccines. In the case of Moderna, the company’s vaccine continues to make its way across the globe now. Just yesterday, news broke of the U.S. government reportedly being in negotiations with Moderna to secure additional vaccine doses for other countries. Elsewhere, investors appear keen on Novavax’s upcoming vaccine candidate as well. Analysts from both B. Riley Securities and Jefferies hit the company’s shares with a Buy rating, citing that the company is nearing regulatory approval. As it stands, both MRNA stock and NVAX stock have more than tripled in value over the past year.

At the same time, even the bigger names in the biotech field are not sitting idly by. Take Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB) for example who just received FDA approval for its Alzheimer’s treatment this week, an industry first. As a result, BIIB stock is currently looking at gains of over 40% this week. With all that in mind, here are three trending biotech stocks in the stock market now.

Best Biotech Stocks To Buy [Or Sell] Now


Starting us off today is BioNTech, the other half to the pioneering Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) vaccine. For the uninitiated, BioNTech is a German biotech company that develops and manufactures active immunotherapies. Aside from the coronavirus vaccine, the company’s developmental pipeline also focuses heavily on a wide array of cancers. Through this comprehensive oncology pipeline, BioNTech is currently working with healthcare players such as Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: REGN) and Sanofi (NASDAQ: SNY). Now, BNTX stock is currently looking at gains of over 400% in the past year. Could it still have room to run this year?

Well, for one thing, the company’s work in the coronavirus vaccine field is far from over. Late last month, BioNTech’s vaccine candidate received its first authorization in the European Union for use in adolescents. Given the age group’s arguably underdeveloped immune systems, this is a remarkable development for BioNTech. According to the company, the vaccine can now be applied to individuals between the ages of 12 to 15 years old. Not only would this serve to accelerate vaccination efforts globally, but it would also provide BioNTech with additional market reach.

If that wasn’t enough, the company could also be getting additional orders from the U.S. According to the Washington Post, the Biden administration is looking to buy 500 million doses of BioNTech’s vaccine to redistribute to other countries. For now, it is estimated that all doses will likely be distributed by the first half of 2022. Covax, the World Health Organization (WHO)-backed initiative, will be in charge of the global distribution. By and large, this marks a win-win situation as BioNTech can market more vaccines while countries in need receive critical aid. Does this make BNTX stock a top buy for you now?

Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

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Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Another biotech company to know now would be Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc. In brief, the company primarily focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of synthetic DNA products. Said products serve to treat infectious diseases, cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, Inovio also boasts a massive list of notable partners and collaborators from both governments and private organizations. These include but are not limited to AstraZeneca (NASDAQ: AZN), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the National Institutes of Health.

Impressive operations aside, INO stock appears to be catching investors’ attention now. This appears to be the case as the company’s shares are up by over 45% in the past month. For the most part, this would be thanks to the company’s work on its supposed DNA vaccine, INO-4802. As of last month, Inovio’s vaccine candidate produced strong signs of efficacy across multiple strains of the virus in preclinical studies. Notably, this could potentially make it a “next-generation Pan-COVID-19 vaccine candidate”, according to Inovio.

Aside from that, the company is also hard at work on its earlier COVID-19 vaccine candidate INO-4800 as well. Earlier today, Inovio announced that it would be expanding its current partnership with Chinese biotech company, Advaccine. The duo will now be conducting global Phase 3 trials for INO-4800 in a two-dose regimen. In terms of subjects, individuals 18 years and older across the Latin America and Asia regions will be involved. CEO Dr. Joseph Kim cites global vaccination rates being below 10% as a key driver to accelerate these tests. Could INO stock be worth adding to your portfolio because of all this?

best biotech stocks to buy (INO stock)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

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Connect Biopharma Holdings Ltd

Following that, we have Connect Biopharma. For some context, it is a global clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company looking to treat patients with chronic inflammatory diseases. It does so via the development of therapies derived from T cell-based research. For a sense of scale, the company has operations in China, the U.S., and Australia. On top of that, Connect Biopharma also runs additional clinical development activities in Europe. In a nutshell, the company uses small molecules and antibodies to target T cells, which in turn serve to screen and discover potent drug candidates.

If anything, Connect Biopharma’s portfolio continues to expand significantly and investors seem to be reacting accordingly. Diving right into it, the company announced the commencement of a Phase 2 trial for its Asthma treatment, CBP-201. Since the announcement early on May 12, CNTB stock has surged by over 20%. Specifically, the treatment is being evaluated for use in adults with moderate-to-severe persistent asthma. Approximately 300 patients across 80 clinical sites in the U.S., China, the European Union, the U.K., Ukraine, and South Korea.

According to Dr. Edward Kerwin, founder of the Clinical Research Institute, Allergy and Asthma Center, this is a significant development. He said, “Beginning enrollment on the CBP-201 clinical trial offers hope in the pursuit of new, effective treatments for severe asthma.” Given the scale and importance of Connect Biopharma’s latest project, we could be looking at exciting times ahead for CNTB stock. Would you agree?

best biotech stocks to buy right now (CNTB stock)
Source: TD Ameritrade TOS

The post Best Stocks To Invest In Right Now? 3 Biotech Stocks To Know appeared first on Stock Market News, Quotes, Charts and Financial Information |

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“Diamonds in the Rough” – Last Week’s Darlings and Dud

Each week in my DecisionPoint Diamonds reports, I give readers 10+ stock picks to consider. This week, we had 11 picks. I look for stocks that are beginning to show positive momentum, bullish chart patterns, breakouts and improving relative strength among



Each week in my DecisionPoint Diamonds reports, I give readers 10+ stock picks to consider. This week, we had 11 picks. I look for stocks that are beginning to show positive momentum, bullish chart patterns, breakouts and improving relative strength among not only the SPX, but also against its industry group.

Today, I thought I would share three of last week's "Diamonds in the Rough." I have two "Darlings" and one "Dud." They aren't all winners and certainly are not "sure things," so I feel it is appropriate to show you the trade that didn't work out.

This week's "Darlings" come from the Biotech industry group, which really broke out this week. This week's "Dud" wasn't actually too bad. It was a timing issue, but it actually looks pretty good going forward. As part of a DP Diamonds subscription, you also get entrance into the Friday "Diamond Mine" where we review in detail the "Diamonds in the Rough" that presented for the week. I also take symbol requests and we look at BUY points for symbols with promise. An added bonus is that, at the end, we "mine" for new opportunities going into next week.

Below I have the "Diamonds in the Rough" as they were presented originally, followed by my comments on the chart today.

Darling #1:

Illumina, Inc. (ILMN) - Up +4.43% since 6/9

EARNINGS: 8/5/2021 (AMC)

Illumina, Inc. engages in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of life science tools and integrated systems for large-scale analysis of genetic variation and function. It operates through Core Illumina segment, which serves customers in the research, clinical and applied markets, and enables the adoption of a variety of genomic solutions. The firm's products include instruments, kits and reagents, selection tools, software and analysis. Its services include sequencing and microarray services; proactive instrument monitoring; and instrument services, training and consulting. The company was founded by David R. Walt, John R. Stuelpnagel, Anthony W. Czarnik, Lawrence A. Bock and Mark S. Chee in April 1998 and is headquartered in San Diego, CA.

Below is the chart and commentary from Wednesday (6/9):

"ILMN is down -0.01% in after-hours trading. I was surprised I hadn't covered this one before. It's not as volatile as many of the biotechs out there. We have a nice breakout from a trading range. The breakout occurred Monday and price has held above support today and yesterday. The RSI is on the overbought side, so we should be aware of that. The PMO is on an oversold BUY signal and has now reached positive territory. There was a recent IT Trend Model "Silver Cross" BUY signal when the 20-EMA crossed above the 50-EMA. The OBV is confirming the rally and the SCTR is almost in the "hot zone" above 75, meaning it is in the upper quartile among all large-cap stocks. Outperformance is clear. I like that you can set a reasonable 7% stop."

Here is today's chart:

The biggest flaw is the overbought RSI, which is flattening out. ILMN needs to consolidate Thursday's breakout. It began to today, I still love this Biotech and you can tighten the stop more too. The SCTR is now in the "hot zone" above 75, meaning it is in the top quartile among its peers in the large-cap "universe." Also, regarding the SCTR, the calculations are heavily based on intermediate- and long-term indicators.

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Darling #2:

Novavax, Inc. (NVAX) - Up +2.31% since yesterday

EARNINGS: 8/9/2021 (AMC)

Novavax, Inc. focuses on the discovery, development and commercialization of vaccines to prevent infectious diseases. It provides vaccines for COVID-19, seasonal flu, respiratory syncytial virus, Ebola and Middle East respiratory syndrome. The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD.

Here is the chart and commentary from Thursday (6/10):

"NVAX is up +0.16% in after hours trading. I covered NVAX as a Reader Request on July 30th, 2020. It hit its 9.2% stop when price dropped in August, so the position would be closed at this point. However, I like it today given the improvement in the Biotech space and knowing that this one is a leader based on the 98.9 SCTR. Today, price pulled back toward the breakout point. This took the RSI away from overbought territory. The PMO shows no damage and is now rising in positive territory on an oversold crossover BUY signal. Volume is coming in and, despite the pullback, the OBV didn't sustain much damage either. The stop is set below the August 2020 top."

Below is today's chart & commentary:

The trade still looks good and it isn't too late for entry. The RSI is positive and not overbought. The PMO is rising strongly on a BUY signal. Most interesting is the nearing of an IT Trend Model "Silver Cross" BUY signal, which will be triggered when the 20-EMA crossover above the 50-EMA. Join me in the free Trading Room on Monday and we'll explore the best BUY points! Register HERE if you haven't already.


Dycom Industries, Inc. (DY) - Down -2.91% Since 6/8

EARNINGS: 8/25/2021 (BMO)

Dycom Industries, Inc. provides contracting services throughout the United States. Its services include engineering, construction, maintenance and installation services to telecommunications providers, underground facility locating services to various utilities, including other construction and maintenance services to electric and gas utilities, and others. The company was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Below is the chart and commentary from Tuesday (6/8):

"DY is up +0.72% in after hours trading. I covered DY in the October 14th 2020 Diamonds Report. I didn't put a stop on the chart, but an 8% stop wouldn't have triggered even on the big gap down in November. This means that the position is up +26.7%. The end of May was killer for DY, but it is retracing the decline rapidly. The first of two gaps has now been covered. Today's rally pushed DY above the 20-EMA. The PMO had already begun to curl upward. The RSI isn't positive yet, but it is on its way. The industry group is outperforming the SPX and DY is outperforming both. The stop is set below the gap, right around the 200-EMA at $77.28."

Below is today's chart:

While a lot of things went wrong on this chart, everything still looks bullish, especially after today's strong rally. A short-term flag has formed. The PMO had a positive crossover today. The RSI is still negative, but it is rising again. The timing was just off for it to look good this week. However, if we revisit this chart later, I expect that flag will have resolved upward and we'll be challenging the highs from April and May.

 Happy Charting! - Erin

Technical Analysis is a windsock, not a crystal ball.

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EU adds another rare blood condition as side effect of AstraZeneca shot

Europe’s drug regulator on June 11 identified another rare blood condition as a potential side effect of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine and said it was looking into cases of heart inflammation after inoculation with all coronavirus shots.



EU adds another rare blood condition as side effect of AstraZeneca shot

(Reuters; )

Europe’s drug regulator on Friday identified another rare blood condition as a potential side effect of AstraZeneca’s (AZN.L) COVID-19 vaccine and said it was looking into cases of heart inflammation after inoculation with all coronavirus shots.

The European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) safety committee said that capillary leak syndrome must be added as a new side effect to labelling on AstraZeneca’s vaccine, known as Vaxzevria.

People who had previously sustained the condition, where fluids leak from the smallest blood vessels causing swelling and a drop in blood pressure, should not receive the shot, the EMA added.

The regulator first began looking into these cases in April and the recommendation adds to AstraZeneca’s woes after its vaccine was associated with very rare and potentially lethal cases of blood clotting that come with a low platelet count.

Last month, the EMA had advised against using the second AstraZeneca shot for people with that clotting condition, known as thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS).

The committee reviewed six validated cases of capillary leak syndrome in people, mostly women, who had received Vaxzevria, including one death. Three had had a history of the condition.

A vial of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine is seen at a vaccination centre in Westfield Stratford City shopping centre, amid the outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in London, Britain, February 18, 2021. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls/File Photo

AstraZeneca declined to immediately comment.

More than 78 million Vaxzevria doses have been administered in the European Union, Liechtenstein, Iceland & Norway and Britain.

Britain’s regulator, the MHRA said on Thursday it had received 8 reports of capillary leak syndrome in the context of more than 40 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine given, and currently does not see a causal link.

Separately, the EMA said it was continuing its probe into cases of heart inflammation known as myocarditis and pericarditis, primarily following inoculation with the Pfizer/BioNTech (PFE.N), (22UAy.DE) and Moderna mRNA shots, but also after the J&J (JNJ.N) and AstraZeneca vaccines.

U.S. health officials said on Thursday they had registered a higher-than-expected number of heart inflammation cases in young men who received a second dose of the mRNA shots, though a causal relationship could not be established. read more

Israel’s Health Ministry said this month it had found a likely link to the condition in young men who received the Pfizer/BioNTech shot. read more

Both Pfizer and Moderna have acknowldged the observations but said a causal association with their vaccines has not been established.

BioNTech said adverse events, including myocarditis and pericarditis, are being regularly and thoroughly reviewed by the companies and regulatory authorities.

“More than 300 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine have been administered globally and the benefit risk profile of our vaccine remains positive.”

The United States and Israel have been months ahead of the EU in vaccinating men below 30, who are particularly prone to heart inflammation, giving them potentially more cases to analyse.

Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.


Reuters source:


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G7 Leaders Pledge 1 Billion Covid-19 Vaccines For Nations in Need

The summit of the Group of Seven industrialized nations in southwest England saw global leaders pledging at least 1 billion Covid-19 vaccines for underdeveloped countries and struggling nations.



G7 Leaders Pledge One Billion COVID-19 Vaccines For Nations in Need


A most recent summit of the Group of Seven industrialized nations in southwest England saw global leaders pledging at least one billion COVID-19 vaccines for underdeveloped countries and struggling nations. Half of these doses will be shared by the U.S., while the U.K. has committed another 100 million shots.

The commitment to share these shots was announced during the session “Building Back Better From COVID-19.” During this session, President Joe Biden discussed with the G7 leaders – hailing from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, U.K. and Japan – that the U.S. will work alongside global partners to meet its goal of getting vaccines to those who need them most.

As reported by CTV News, pressure has been placed on the G7 leaders in recent months to develop a clear and workable vaccine-sharing strategy for poorer countries. The U.S., for instance, has reportedly accumulated a large stock of COVID-19 vaccines as the demand for inoculation has declined in the country.

In response, Biden said at the meeting that the U.S. plans to give up to 500 million vaccine doses to less privileged nations that currently lack widescale access. This is in addition to the 80 million doses the U.S. already committed to sharing with these countries by the end of this month. Biden also outlined a coordinated effort by each of the G7 countries to improve vaccine availability. 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly said that 5 million does from the U.K. will be shared in the next few weeks, while the remaining vaccines will be disseminated over the next year. Johnson added that he expects the G7 leaders to commit up to 1 billion when all is said and done.

“At the G7 Summit I hope my fellow leaders will make similar pledges so that, together, we can vaccinate the world by the end of next year and build back better from coronavirus,” said Johnson in a statement, as reported by AP News.

Source: BioSpace

Likewise, French President Emmanuel Macron noted that France would share at least 30 million of its COVID-19 vaccines by the end of 2021.

For its part in the global vaccine-sharing effort, the U.S. plans to purchase and distribute 500 million doses of Pfizer/BioNTech’s mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. The distribution will be accomplished through the global COVAX alliance and will go toward 92 lower-income nations as well as the African Union. 

According to Biden, the vaccine doses will be shipped to these countries in August, with up to 200 million distributed across the globe by 2021’s end. The other 300 million vaccine doses will be distributed in the first half of next year. As such, the U.S. represents COVAX’s largest vaccine donor and single largest funder set at a $4 billion pledge.

The vaccine-sharing commitment by the G7 leaders is welcome news, considering the global COVAX alliance experienced a slow start to its inoculation campaign. 

To date, the alliance has distributed approximately 81 million vaccine doses across the world, but parts of Africa and other regions have largely been unable to gain access to these doses. Only France has so far started shipping its vaccines through the COVAX alliance. 

On Thursday, Biden said that a part of the 80 million doses the country had committed to donation were already being distributed. Additionally, the U.S. has provided Mexico and Canada a few million COVID-19 vaccines.

BioSpace source:

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