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Best Small Caps To Buy Right Now? 5 To Watch

Looking for small cap stocks to buy now? 5 To Watch Before September…



Hot Penny Stocks For Your Watch List In August

What’s the definition of penny stocks? If you’re newer to trading, you might not realize that the Securities and Exchange Commission defines these as stocks under $5. While it might not make sense at first, the long and short of it is that the pool of small companies with lower share prices is vast and accounts for a large portion of the retail market. Whether you’re a novice or experienced trader, the same trends and topics are evident. First, penny stocks carry plenty of risks. This can be attributed to price risk, volatility risk, and even company risk. But, aside from the risks involved, there’s plenty of opportunities to capitalize on big rewards as well. If you look at current trends in the stock market today, I’m sure you’ll see what I’m talking about. Almost daily, Reddit traders using platforms like Robinhood and WeBull are scouring the market for low-priced stocks. In many cases, at least a handful end up breaking out big. Just how big? The last few weeks have seen some penny stocks (now former penny stocks) rally into the multiple triple-digit percentages. Now, I will say that many have just as quickly retreated in share price, but the point is that you can make big money with penny stocks, and if you can handle a little risk, these low-priced stocks may be a good option for you to look into.

Best Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid]

Will any of these be on your list of penny stocks to buy this month, or should you avoid them entirely?
  1. MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD)
  3. Inuvo Inc. (NYSE: INUV)
  4. Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: ARPO)
  5. RLX Technology Inc. (NYSE: RLX)

Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid] #1: MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ: MNKD)

We’ve discussed MannKind over the last few months as shares have bounced between $3 and $6. Despite the last month or so being difficult in the market for MNKD stock, the company has remained steadfast in its mission to expand its offering. In fact, MNKD has been much stronger over the last week, which may have a lot to do with the company’s latest earnings update. At the start of the week, MannKind reported strong Q2 results with an increase of 54% in revenue and, specifically, a 43% boost in Afrezza net revenue for the quarter. Afrezza is the company’s prescription glucose management product. Patients inhale the dry insulin powder to control high blood sugar meant for those with type 1 or 2 diabetes. This jump in sales was driven by increased manufacturing activity during the quarter. Something else to note is that aside from this commercial product, MannKind is working on the potential commercial launch of its Tyvaso DPI product. MannKind’s collaboration partner, United Therapeutics (NASDAQ: UTHR), previously submitted an NDA to the FDA for its Tyvaso DPI product. This is a potential treatment for pulmonary arterial hypertension and pulmonary hypertension associated with interstitial lung disease. In response to the strong Q2 performance, Michael Castagna, Chief Executive Officer of MannKind, said, “I am really proud of how our team has executed so far in 2021 supporting the growth of Afrezza and preparing for the potential commercial launch of Tyvaso DPI.” With this as the backdrop for a recent rally in MNKD stock, it could be a sign to have it as one of the penny stocks to watch heading into the second half of the month.
best penny stocks to buy MannKind Corp. MNKD stock chart


Another one of the penny stocks that has climbed recently is MICT Inc. Shares have risen from lows of $1.74 last week to highs this week of $2.06. One of the catalysts adding to this momentum was an analyst rating from Alliance Global. The firm started MICT with a Buy rating and a $4.25 price target at the start of August. [Read More] Former Penny Stocks To Watch After Merck’s (MRK) Latest FDA Win Furthermore, some industry momentum could also be helping give MICT stock a boost. Its subsidiaries, GFH Intermediate Holdings and Micronet Ltd, are involved in the rapidly evolving fintech and computing solutions industries. Obviously, the former has been a big focus in 2021. Everything from retail trading and online banking to digital currency and virtual payments has grown in popularity. Some of the conditioning to a digital financial platform can be credited to the global lockdowns last year. Now that economies are reopening, some of the pandemic-era habits remain in place, with fintech being one of them. According to the company, last quarter saw the full development of the company’s stock trading platform with the soft launch and full roll-out earlier this summer. With second-quarter earnings slated for release next week, anyone looking at MICT stock right now should keep August 16th in mind. The company also plans to host a question, and answer portion during its earnings call before the opening bell.
best penny stocks to buy MICT Inc. MICT stock chart

3. Inuvo Inc. (NASDAQ: INUV)

On the “cheaper” side of things, Inuvo Inc. is a sub-$1 stock that has recently begun to perk a bit following its second-quarter earnings results. Despite missing on EPS, the company beat Wall Street’s expectations when it came to sales estimates. What’s more, second-quarter revenue for 2021 was 66% higher than that of the same quarter last year. Attributing to this growth, Richard Howe, CEO of Inuvo, said Inuvo’s IntentKey and ValidClick product lines experienced strong growth.
“During Q2 the IntentKey performed 74% better than our clients’ goals and its 50% year-over-year and 37% sequential growth are indicative of those results. We expect to see a continuation of double-digit year-over-year growth throughout the second half of 2021 and would expect Adjusted EBITDA to turn positive when monthly revenue run rates exceed $5.5 million.” Richard Howe
Inuvo’s product focus on providing its clients with targeted media and display advertising solutions for eCommerce applications. Obviously, with a rise in digital retail sales over the last year, companies in this category have gotten some attention. Clearly, for Inuvo, its revenue growth is evidence of that. Howe also gave guidance and set some expectations for the second half of 2021, saying, “We expect to see a continuation of double-digit year-over-year growth throughout the second half of 2021 and would expect Adjusted EBITDA to turn positive when monthly revenue run rates exceed $5.5 million.”
best penny stocks to buy Inuvo Inc. INUV stock chart

4. Aerpio Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: ARPO)

Biotech has certainly been a hot industry this year. Thanks to the global pandemic and focus on vaccine stocks, initially, retail traders have seen opportunities arise. In the case of Aerpio, the last few months have been strong for its stock. Since early May, shares of ARPO stock have increased more than 75% so far. [Read More] Best Penny Stocks to Buy? Are These 3 Safe Bets in 2021? Aside from excitement in biotech, the company’s recent milestones have also helped add momentum to the stock market. In particular, Aerpio has been in the middle of a merger with Aadi Bioscience to create a company focused on advancing cancer treatments. Aadi’s precision therapies target genetically defined cancers with alterations in what are known as mTOR pathway genes. In short, mTOR connects other proteins and acts as a major component of two distinct protein complexes regulating different cellular processes. While the transaction hasn’t closed (yet), analysts have already grown bullish on the proposed deal. Earlier this quarter, HC Wainwright analyst Robert Burns upgraded Aerpio to a Buy and gave a $22 price target. Burns explained that the Aadi deal was “transformative” and that the merger could put the company on a “solid path towards becoming a self-sustaining, commercial-stage enterprise with a differentiated lead product having applicability across multiple specialty oncology indication.” With this transaction expected to close in the third quarter, there’s now about a month and a half left to meet that milestone.
best penny stocks to buy Aerpio Pharmaceuticals ARPO stock chart

5. RLX Technology Inc. (NYSE: RLX)

Shares of RLX stock have been treading water over the last month. This comes after a botched IPO earlier this year saw its share price plummet from $35 to lows of $4.05 in July. Another contributing factor was fears that Chinese regulators would bring more rules to e-cig companies like RLX. You also can’t forget the confusion over Chinese IPOs and the access to US exchanges. Needless to say, the last few weeks seem to have brought some steadying to the market for RLX stock. The e-vapor company’s shares have slowly bounced back by roughly $1 in that time. Now, heading into next week, RLX could be back in focus for some. The reason being is that the company is set to report quarterly results for Q2 2021 next Friday. The company isn’t overly vocal on the newswires. However, we can look at its previous quarter’s results for a bit more guidance. Net revenues grew over 48% quarter over quarter (Q1 2021 vs. Q4 2020). Gross margins were also up quarter over quarter by nearly 43%, and gross profit jumped 59.1% during that same period. Chao Lu, Chief Financial Officer, said, “Building on rapid revenue growth and continued efforts in improving operating leverage, our gross margin and non-GAAP net margin have remained steady in the first quarter. We will continue to pursue user value creation by enhancing our suite of product offerings and strengthening our brand leadership in the market.”
best penny stocks to buy RLX Technology Inc. RLX stock chart

Looking For Penny Stocks To Buy? Start With Research & Education

If penny stocks appeal to you, then understanding how to trade them is the first step. We see too many people jump right into day trading without understanding how to actually do that. Most treat it similarly to a game of craps or roulette. But the fact of the matter is, you can learn to be consistently profitable trading even with cheap stocks like these. The key is having a proper strategy in place. If you’re just getting started trading, check out some of these articles: The post Best Penny Stocks To Buy Right Now? 5 To Watch Before September appeared first on Penny Stocks to Buy, Picks, News and Information |

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Spread & Containment

License Plates Could Be Printed On McDonald’s Bags To Stop Littering

License Plates Could Be Printed On McDonald’s Bags To Stop Littering

There’s been talk about McDonald’s in southwest Great Britain could print…



License Plates Could Be Printed On McDonald's Bags To Stop Littering

There's been talk about McDonald's in southwest Great Britain could print car license plates on drive-thru bags to prevent customers from littering. 

"It's not clear exactly how the number plate would be printed on packaging, but it could be scanned onto the brown bags that contain the food," Daily Mail noted. 

Chris Howell, Swansea Council's head of waste, parks and cleansing, told a climate change corporate delivery committee meeting: 

"The Welsh Government has explored with McDonald's, or their franchises, whether or not they could print number plates of cars collecting takeaways from their drive-throughs with a view that that would discourage people from discarding their materials (litter)."

Howell said one of the biggest hurdles with fast-food companies is that if one chain adopts the climate initiative, customers will go to competitors that don't print license plates on bags. 

"If McDonald's do it, then people will just go to Burger King instead of McDonald's, because nobody wants to have their private details printed on that packaging." He added: "I think it's a really good idea but at the minute it's fraught with some difficulties." 

The nationalist political party in Wales, Plaid Cymru, first proposed the idea more than two years ago during the pandemic lockdown when party leaders noticed a spike in fast-food trash along city streets and highways. 

Welsh Government spokesperson told MailOnline:

"There are no current plans to introduce a requirement for drive-through restaurants to add vehicle registration details to fast food drive-through packaging.

"We are continuing to support Keep Wales Tidy with other initiatives to tackle roadside litter including their No Regrets campaign and their Adopt a Highway initiative."

Now 'the cat is out of the bag'. It's only a matter of time before governments start forcing fast-food companies to print license plate numbers on drive-thru bags. The dangers of this could be more surveillance, and who knows what corporations would do with license plate data if such a system were implemented. 

Tyler Durden Sat, 11/26/2022 - 18:00

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Energy is the master resource but it could be Bitcoin that reigns supreme

Nothing shines a light on the importance of energy as much as a fast-approaching winter.
The post Energy is the master resource but it could be Bitcoin…



Nothing shines a light on the importance of energy as much as a fast-approaching winter. When the temperature drops, the scarcity of energy becomes obvious and global efforts to preserve it begin.

This year, the fight for energy is more aggressive than it’s ever been.

The fiscal and monetary policies set in place during the COVID-19 pandemic caused dangerous inflation in almost every country in the world. The quantitative easing that set out to curb the consequences of the pandemic resulted in a historically unprecedented increase in the M2 money supply. This decision diluted the purchasing power and led to an increase in energy prices, sparking a crisis that is set to culminate this winter.

CryptoSlate analysis showed that the E.U. will most likely be the one hit the hardest by the energy crisis.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has been struggling to keep core inflation down this year. The Core Consumer Price Index (CPI) began to increase substantially in 2021 due to the pandemic both in the U.S. and the E.U.

The U.S. has seen its Core CPI decrease sharply since its culmination in February and posted better-than-expected results last month. However, Core CPI in the Eurozone has continued to increase throughout the year and currently shows no sign of stopping.

Graph showing the Core CPI in the U.S. and the Eurozone from 2017 to 2022 (Source: The Daily Shot)

A similar increase in Core CPI can also be seen in Japan and the U.K. One of the factors that may have contributed to their monetary instability is a lack of investment and support for commodities like oil and gas. Widespread efforts to switch to renewable sources of energy led to a decrease in oil and gas purchases in the E.U. and the U.K.

In contrast, the U.S. and Russia have been investing heavily in oil and gas and promoting innovation in the field.

Looking at the value of fiat currencies against the U.S. dollar further confirms this impact.

The Russian Ruble and the DXY have both increased in value in the past two years, while the euro, British Pound, and Japanese Yen have all seen their Dollar value decrease.

global fiat currencies
Graph showing DXY, GBP, EUR, JPY, and RUB and their value against the U.S. dollar (Source: TradingView)

With rising inflation and a seriously weakened currency, the E.U. will have a hard time competing for oil and gas on the global market. Natural gas producers warned that almost all long-term contracts for natural gas coming out of the U.S. have been sold out until 2026. Until then, when a new wave of natural gas supply is expected to come, the E.U. will have to compete with Asia for the limited supply and swallow the high gas price.

All of this uncertainty could have a positive effect on Bitcoin. While the broader crypto market struggles to remain afloat after the FTX fallout, Bitcoin has positioned itself as a pillar of stability in a market plagued with bad actors. Devalued fiat currencies could push retail investors away from safe-haven assets like gold and commodities and towards an asset like Bitcoin.

The post Energy is the master resource but it could be Bitcoin that reigns supreme appeared first on CryptoSlate.

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‘Forgetful’ Fauci Could Not Recall Key Details Of COVID Crisis Response During Deposition: Louisiana AG

‘Forgetful’ Fauci Could Not Recall Key Details Of COVID Crisis Response During Deposition: Louisiana AG

Authored by Zachary Stieber via The…



'Forgetful' Fauci Could Not Recall Key Details Of COVID Crisis Response During Deposition: Louisiana AG

Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours),

Dr. Anthony Fauci said he could not recall key details about his actions during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to one of the officials who questioned him on Nov. 23.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, speaks in Washington on May 11, 2022. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Fauci, the director National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984 and President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, was deposed by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt, both Republicans.

“It was amazing, literally, that we spent seven hours with Dr. Fauci—this is a man who single-handedly wrecked the U.S. economy based upon ‘the science, follow the science.’ And over the course of seven hours, we discovered that he can’t recall practically anything dealing with his COVID response,” Landry told The Epoch Times after leaving the deposition. “He just said, ‘I can’t recall, I haven’t seen that. And I think we need to put these documents into context,'” Landry added.

“It was extremely troubling to realize that this is a man who advises presidents of the United States and yet couldn’t recall information he put out, information he discussed, press conferences he held dealing with the COVID-19 response,” Landry added later.

Fauci and NIAID did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Landry declined to provide more details about the deposition until it is made public, which will happen at a future date. But he said officials would be able to take some of what they learned to advance their case.

Landry and Schmitt sued the U.S. government in May, alleging it violated people’s First Amendment rights by pressuring big tech companies to censor speech. Documents produced by the government in response bolstered the claims. U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty, the Trump appointee overseeing the case, recently ordered Fauci and seven other officials to testify under oath about their knowledge of the censorship.

Doughty concluded that plaintiffs showed Fauci “has personal knowledge about the issue concerning censorship across social media as it related to COVID-19 and ancillary issues of COVID-19.”

While Fauci qualified as a high-ranking official, the burden of him being deposed was outweighed by the court’s need for information before ruling on a motion for a preliminary injunction, Doughty said.

Wednesday was the first time Fauci testified under oath about his interactions with big tech firms, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Before the deposition, Landry said in a statement, “We all deserve to know how involved Dr. Fauci was in the censorship of the American people during the COVID pandemic; tomorrow, I hope to find out.”

“We’re going to follow the evidence everywhere it goes to get down to exactly what has happened, to get down to the fact that our government used private entities to suppress the speech of Americans,” Landry told The Epoch Times.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry (C) speaks during a press conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, on Jan. 22, 2020. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Great Barrington Declaration

Jenin Younes with the New Civil Liberties Alliance, another lawyer representing plaintiffs in the case, said that Fauci claimed he did not worry about a document called the Great Barrington Declaration.

Penned in October 2020, the document called for focused protection on people most at-risk from COVID-19 while rescinding the harsh restrictions that had been imposed on children and others at little risk from the disease. Two of its authors, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and Martin Kulldorff, are plaintiffs in the case.

I have a very busy day job running a six billion dollar institute. I don’t have time to worry about things like the Great Barrington Declaration,” Fauci said, according to Younes.

Fauci, though, has spoken multiple times about the declaration.

In internal emails that were later published, Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins, Fauci’s former boss, both criticized the declaration. “There needs to be a quick and devastating published takedown of its premises,” Collins wrote, prompting Fauci to send him a Wired magazine article he claimed “debunks this theory.”

In another missive, obtained by The Epoch Times through a Freedom of Information Act request, Fauci said the declaration reminded him of AIDS denialism.

Fauci also talked about the declaration in public, including defending his criticism during a congressional hearing in May.

I have come out very strongly publicly against the Great Barrington Declaration,” Fauci wrote to Dr. Deborah Birx in another email.

Other Depositions

The government moved to block some of the depositions, but not Fauci’s. It just won an order blocking the depositions of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Director Jen Easterly, and Rob Flaherty, a deputy assistant to Biden.

Similar efforts to block the depositions of former White House press secretary Jen Psaki and FBI official Elvis Chan have been unsuccessful.

Chan is scheduled to answer questions next week. Psaki is scheduled to be deposed on Dec. 8.

Chan was involved in communicating with Facebook, LinkedIn, and other big tech firms about content moderation, according to evidence developed in the case and public statements he’s made. Psaki publicly said while still in the White House that platforms should step up against alleged mis- and disinformation.

Plaintiffs have already deposed several officials including Daniel Kimmage, an official at the State Department’s Global Engagement Center.

That center worked with Easterly’s agency to create a coalition of nonprofits called the Election Integrity Partnership, which pushed social media companies to censor speech.

Kimmage was also responsible for meetings during which censorship was discussed, with State Department official Samaruddin Stewart acting on his orders, according to documents produced by LinkedIn.

Read more here...

Tyler Durden Sat, 11/26/2022 - 13:30

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