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Best Penny Stocks To Buy This Week? 10 With Potential Biotech Catalysts

Are these 10 penny stocks on your watch list this week?
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We’re starting another week, and penny stocks are one of the hot topics among retail traders. But what if you knew certain things before they happened? What if you had a way to know when a company was going to present data or management would attend conferences? Well, you’re in luck because specific industries offer precisely that. Today, we’ll look at the biotech industry and some companies that have announced detail on why this week could be an important one.

Biotech stocks are some of the few which offer a glimpse into the future, in simple terms. Since many of these companies are involved with ongoing trials, they’ll update the public on the timing, and thus, the outlook of when they expect to reveal results. There are also firm dates for oversight bodies like the FDA giving the go-ahead for new phases of these trials, new applications, etc. So if you’re searching for biotech penny stocks to buy, doing a bit of research can give you a leg-up when it comes to preparing your trading strategy.

Penny Stocks To Watch

  1. Evofem Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:EVFM)
  2. Arbutus Biopharma Corporation (NASDAQ:ABUS)
  3. Adverum Biotechnologies Inc. (NASDAQ:ADVM)
  4. Enveric Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:ENVB)
  5. Aditxt Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTX)

Evofem Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:EVFM)

If you’ve read some of our articles on penny stocks under $1, Evofem is likely a company you’ve stumbled upon recently. It specializes in female contraception. Evofem’s portfolio also includes its first FDA-approved product, Phexxi®. The company has presented a series of abstracts all centered around the platform over the last few weeks. In addition, Evofem has also begun advancing its EVO100 platform in treating chlamydia and gonorrhea.

What To Watch With EVFM Stock This Week

This week, Evofem continues its circuit of presentations. On October 12, the company attends the LD Micro Investor Conference, and Chief Executive Officer Saundra Pelletier will also host one-on-one meetings. Furthermore, if EVFM stock is on your list, next week could also be an important week for the company. We’ll likely report on details again.

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However, to give you some insight, the company delivers details on numerous abstracts at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Scientific Congress on October 20, along with more information furnished at the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics XXIII World Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Arbutus Biopharma Corporation (NASDAQ:ABUS)

Shares of Arbutus have been in focus over the last few weeks. The company specializes in developing treatments for chronic infections. This includes hepatitis B and even new therapies for treating coronaviruses. It would seem that the company continues to have milestone events to discuss. Last week, Arbutus presented at its first of 2 planned conferences at the Chardan Genetic Medicines Conference.

It also gave arguments on October 7, the United States Court Of Appeals For The Federal Circuit. This was in response to ongoing issues with Moderna (NASDAQ:MRNA). They are in conflict over Arbutus’s lipid formulations for nucleic acid delivery.

What To Watch With ABUS Stock This Week

This week ABUS stock will be in focus as it presents at another conference. Following last week’s events, investors may have October 13 on their calendars right now. This is when management presents at the H.C. Wainwright Hepatitis B Virus.

best penny stocks to buy this week Arbutus Biopharma Corporation ABUS stock chart

Adverum Biotechnologies Inc. (NASDAQ:ADVM)

Last week, Adverum was another one of the biotech penny stocks to watch. The company develops gene therapies with a primary focus on its lead candidate, ADVM-022. Last week, the company presented data from its 2-Year OPTIC study at the Retina Society Annual Meeting. This was specific to treating patients with wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Results showed a more than 80% reduction in annualized anti-VEGF injection frequency and a robust response sustained through 2 years. What’s more, this weekend, the company delivered Phase 2 Data from its INFINITY trial targeting patients with diabetic macular edema treated with ADVM-022. Since we likely could see how the market responds once things open on Monday, it could be something to keep in mind with ADVM stock.

What To Watch With ADVM Stock This Week

That isn’t the only thing to keep track of this week, either. Adverum presents results from its Phase 1 OPTIC trial in patients with neovascular AMD treated with ADVM-022. In particular, if ADVM stock is on your list, October 11 will be the day to keep in mind. The company begins its presentation at 9:50 AM ET at the ASRS Scientific Meeting.

best penny stocks to buy this week Adverum Biotechnologies Inc. ADVM stock chart

Enveric Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ:ENVB)

If you’ve followed the trend in “alternative” biotech stocks, Enveric could have been one that you came across recently. That’s because the company is focusing its model more on mental health. Enveric closed its acquisition of MagicMed last week, resulting in a new arm of the company explicitly addressing mental illness. The two companies will ultimately create a library of molecules such as psilocybin, N, N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT), and other molecular derivatives.

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Aside from this, Enveric recently launched its PsyAI using artificial intelligence to offer predictive methodologies to identify molecules for new drug discovery from its molecular library, “Psybrary,” as it’s been dubbed.

What To Watch With ENVB Stock This Week

This week, however, it isn’t this transaction that has the market’s attention. It might also not be the 14.3% short position you might assume to be a point of focus for “short squeeze stock” traders. This week, Enveric 2 industry conferences. CEO Dr. Joseph Tucker will attend AGPs Biotech & Specialty Pharma Conference on October 13. He’ll also present at the KCSA Psychedelics Investor Conference on the same day.

best penny stocks to buy this week Enveric Biosciences ENVB stock chart

Aditxt Inc. (NASDAQ:ADTX)

Another company focused on immune function is Aditxt. Its monitoring technology provides personalized information on each user’s immune system. Right now, the company’s technology is in pre-clinical stages, initially being designed to address the rejection of transplanted organs and autoimmune diseases and allergies.

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One of the more recent catalysts is its asset purchases from AiPharma. Why was this such a big event? These assets include a treatment called Avigan. It has received full marketing authorization or emergency use authorization in several markets for treating COVID-19. These markets include Mexico, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. In the UK, UAE, Greece, Hungary, and Saudi Arabia, Avigan has received the go-ahead to sell under compassionate use programs. Keep in mind that this is in addition to Aditxt’s previously launched AditxtScore COVID-19 test.

What To Watch With ADTX Stock This Week

Following a binding agreement last week, Aditxt could be in focus again in the week ahead. That’s because the company presents at the LD Micro Main Event on Wednesday. CEO Amro Albanna will also participate in 1 on 1 meetings with investors and analysts.

best penny stocks to buy this week Aditxt Inc. ADTX stock chart

Penny Stocks This Week

There are plenty of other companies set for industry presentations this week and conference participation. This is just a handful of the ones which have gained momentum in recent sessions. Looking for more penny stocks to watch this week with potential catalysts? Here’s a list of a few more names to know and dates to keep in mind:

Clearside Biomedical (NASDAQ:CLSD) – October 9 & 11

Data from REGENXBIO’s Phase II ALTITUDE® trial in patients with diabetic retinopathy treated with RGX-314 will be presented on October 9 and 11. REGENXBIO has licensed certain exclusive rights to the SCS Microinjector® from Clearside Biomedical, Inc. to deliver gene therapy treatments.

Lipocine Inc. (NASDAQ:LPCN) – October 12

The company presents at the HC Wainwright NASH Investor Conference on October 12th. Lipocine has focused on advancing its TLANDO platform for testosterone replacement therapy. A New Drug Application was resubmitted and affirmed by the FDA last month.

Hepion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:HEPA) – October 12

Hepion follows along with Lipocine as management will present at the HC Wainwright NASH Conference. Hepion’s lead candidate CRV431 is under development in clinical phases for treating NASH.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:TNXP) – October 13

This Wednesday, Tonix participates at the AGP Biotech & Specialty Pharma Conference. Management will be involved with a panel discussion about long COVID & COVID variants. Tonix is developing a portfolio of immunology treatments, including a COVID-19 platform for treating COVID, Long COVID and detect functional T cell immunity to COVID.

Daré Bioscience (NASDAQ:DARE) – October 14

This week Daré participates in a panel discussion at the DTC Perspectives Xpectives Health Summit on Thursday. The panel focuses on women’s health. Daré specializes in developing a portfolio of therapies and treatment options for contraception, fertility, and women’s health, in general.

The post Best Penny Stocks To Buy This Week? 10 With Potential Biotech Catalysts appeared first on Penny Stocks to Buy, Picks, News and Information |

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Visualizing The World’s Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In 2021

Visualizing The World’s Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In 2021

Identifying real estate bubbles is a tricky business. After all, as Visual Capitalist’s Nick Routley notes, even though many of us “know a bubble when we see it”, we don’t…



Visualizing The World's Biggest Real Estate Bubbles In 2021

Identifying real estate bubbles is a tricky business. After all, as Visual Capitalist's Nick Routley notes, even though many of us “know a bubble when we see it”, we don’t have tangible proof of a bubble until it actually bursts.

And by then, it’s too late.

The map above, based on data from the Real Estate Bubble Index by UBS, serves as an early warning system, evaluating 25 global cities and scoring them based on their bubble risk.

Reading the Signs

Bubbles are hard to distinguish in real-time as investors must judge whether a market’s pricing accurately reflects what will happen in the future. Even so, there are some signs to watch out for.

As one example, a decoupling of prices from local incomes and rents is a common red flag. As well, imbalances in the real economy, such as excessive construction activity and lending can signal a bubble in the making.

With this in mind, which global markets are exhibiting the most bubble risk?

The Geography of Real Estate Bubbles

Europe is home to a number of cities that have extreme bubble risk, with Frankfurt topping the list this year. Germany’s financial hub has seen real home prices rise by 10% per year on average since 2016—the highest rate of all cities evaluated.

Two Canadian cities also find themselves in bubble territory: Toronto and Vancouver. In the former, nearly 30% of purchases in 2021 went to buyers with multiple properties, showing that real estate investment is alive and well. Despite efforts to cool down these hot urban markets, Canadian markets have rebounded and continued their march upward. In fact, over the past three decades, residential home prices in Canada grew at the fastest rates in the G7.

Despite civil unrest and unease over new policies, Hong Kong still has the second highest score in this index. Meanwhile, Dubai is listed as “undervalued” and is the only city in the index with a negative score. Residential prices have trended down for the past six years and are now down nearly 40% from 2014 levels.

Note: The Real Estate Bubble Index does not currently include cities in Mainland China.

Trending Ever Upward

Overheated markets are nothing new, though the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the dynamic of real estate markets.

For years, house price appreciation in city centers was all but guaranteed as construction boomed and people were eager to live an urban lifestyle. Remote work options and office downsizing is changing the value equation for many, and as a result, housing prices in non-urban areas increased faster than in cities for the first time since the 1990s.

Even so, these changing priorities haven’t deflated the real estate market in the world’s global cities. Below are growth rates for 2021 so far, and how that compares to the last five years.

Overall, prices have been trending upward almost everywhere. All but four of the cities above—Milan, Paris, New York, and San Francisco—have had positive growth year-on-year.

Even as real estate bubbles continue to grow, there is an element of uncertainty. Debt-to-income ratios continue to rise, and lending standards, which were relaxed during the pandemic, are tightening once again. Add in the societal shifts occurring right now, and predicting the future of these markets becomes more difficult.

In the short term, we may see what UBS calls “the era of urban outperformance” come to an end.

Tyler Durden Sat, 10/23/2021 - 22:00

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The return of text is inevitable

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here. On Equity this week, we discussed the value of the written word. You can imagine that the resulting argument is inheren



Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here.

On Equity this week, we discussed the value of the written word. You can imagine that the resulting argument is inherently biased, considering we are three journalists who have bet our livelihoods on ink; but, I promise, there’s more nuance here beyond how important a lede is.

We recently published a recent deep dive on Automattic, the commercial media company behind the WordPress publishing platform. Founded in 2005, Automattic is one of the few companies that has been able to evolve and expand its way through a graveyard of media sites. Valued at $7.5 billion, it has also convinced investors of the financial promise of its vision.

I was most struck by how text has shaped Automattic’s hiring process: The company offers a purely written interview, where potential new hires never need to reveal their face or voice to anyone through the recruitment funnel. It takes away the inherent bias that comes with a Zoom interview, which, at its core, is just a digital version of a face-to-face interview. Monica Ohara, chief marketing officer of, explained more about her thinking:

“You normally think you’ve got to talk to them; see them on video. With text only, you remove all this bias and focus on the content of what they’re saying, and also test for a style of communication that’s really important in a distributed team.

“In Silicon Valley, everyone is competing for the same people that would add diversity to your pool. Which is great for those people, but what about all the others who don’t have those opportunities because of where they were born or live? For me, I was born in the Philippines and if I hadn’t had the luck to move here, I’d be living a different life.”

Rethinking the value of text, the same way we rethink how many synchronous meetings should be on our calendar, feels like the natural next step for companies figuring out how to scale distributed work. Even in a world seemingly ruled by short-form video, words — and sound — seem to matter in a way that other formats never will.

In the rest of this newsletter, we’ll talk about PayPal’s reported new friend, the Chinese venture capital market and not at all about Facebook’s impending new rebrand. 

PayPal picks Pinterest

Image Credits: TechCrunch

We rushed to Twitter Spaces this week after rumors came out that PayPal may be buying Pinterest for a reported $45 billion. The fintech giant has been on an acquisition spree of sorts, but scooping up a social, photo-sharing platform may signal its hungry to own the content — not just the customer.

Here’s what to know: This feels nostalgic. PayPal potentially joining forces with a more content-focused e-commerce business comes more than a half-decade after it divorced from eBay. But, as Finix Chief Growth Officer Jareau Wadé pointed out, Pinterest is not a shopping destination like eBay — it’s a place where shopping begins for nearly 450 million users.

In a Substack post, Wadé makes the following argument to describe why PayPal may buy Pinterest:

At its core, Pinterest is more like Google than eBay. It’s a search engine that conducts over 5 billion searches per month for fuzzy, hard-to-describe ideas where pictures, rather than words, are often the best place to start. It also has a growing ads business that produced $613 million last quarter, up 125% YoY. With Pinterest, PayPal would be buying the top of the funnel — the awareness and interest stages — for millions of websites on the internet. PayPal would provide Pinterest with the bottom of the funnel, allowing them to see the purchases that result from shopping that began on Pinterest.

Imagine if PayPal could use their core product and the commerce assets they’ve acquired over the past five years to build a deconstructed sales funnel, not just for one website, but for the whole internet.

Put a pin in it:

China is thriving

Flag of China with pile of bitcoin

Image Credits: TechCrunch

Data from CB Insights shows us that, aside from a single outsized 2018 round, China’s third quarter of 2021 was the best three-month period for Chinese startups ever — both in deal value and deal count.

Here’s what to know: We’re surprised, too. On Equity, we discussed how the growth of China’s venture capital market contrasts in sentiment with the region’s government restrictions. It seems that regulatory impact hasn’t stopped all companies from raising, and growing, their businesses there.

Internationally speaking:

Around TC

TC Sessions: SaaS 2021 is next week! My colleagues have put together an amazing show about the sector that seemingly can’t stop attracting millions from investors. We’ll see what stopped eating the world, how hunger is turning into innovation and definitely hit a few SaaSy notes through panels with experts.

Check out the event agenda, buy your pass and come hang with us on October 27.

Across the week

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Trump to launch his own social media platform, calling it TRUTH Social

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Lessons from founders raising their first round in a bull market

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Talk soon,


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DAX index forecast ahead of the ECB meeting

European stocks rose on Friday on a surge in technology stocks; still, rising inflation became a concern for investors. European inflation was confirmed at 3.4% YoY in September, and concerns grew that the European Central Bank could change its monetary..



European stocks rose on Friday on a surge in technology stocks; still, rising inflation became a concern for investors. European inflation was confirmed at 3.4% YoY in September, and concerns grew that the European Central Bank could change its monetary policy.

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said that ECB would maintain its accommodative policy for as long as necessary, but this could change soon. Germany’s DAX index has advanced again above 15,500 points, but it is still trading below its recent highs.

Germany’s recovery from the pandemic has been strong so far, and the country will release the preliminary estimates of its October Inflation data and its Q3 GDP next week.

Results from many big companies provided a strong start to third-quarter earnings, and investors’ focus will remain on the third-quarter earnings season because many companies have yet to publish their reports.

Next week, Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen,  Linde, MTU Aero Engines, and Daimler are among the companies scheduled to report quarterly results.

According to the German Economic Ministry, the outlook for the industry remains positive, but the world’s supply chains crisis represents a serious problem for Germany because of its dependence on exports.

The German economy is particularly vulnerable to shortages of key parts and raw materials, and more than 40% of companies reported they had lost sales because of supply problems.

Many big companies scaled back production of some of their most profitable models, while Opel announced last month that it would shut down a factory in Eisenach until the beginning of 2022.

It is important to say that nearly half of Germany’s economic output depends on exports of cars, machine tools, and other goods, while the semiconductor shortage throttling global car production suggests more pain for the automotive industry.

Despite this, the German Economic Ministry reported that it expected this effect to be temporary while the German central bank expects that the German economy could grow 3.7% this year. The German Economic Ministry added:

Healthy order books give us reason to expect strong recovery impulses from industry, and thanks to that strong overall economic growth

The European Central Bank recently reported that exports from Eurozone would have been at least 7% higher in the first half of the year if not for supply bottlenecks. The European Central Bank will announce its decision on monetary policy next Thursday, which could significantly influence on DAX index in the near term.

15,000 points represent support

Data source:

DAX index has advanced again above 15,500 points, and if the price jumps above 15,800 points, the next target could be at 16,000 points.

On the other side, if the price falls below strong support that stands at 15,000 points, it would be a strong “sell” signal, and the next target could be around 14,500 points.


The European Central Bank will announce its decision on monetary policy next Thursday, which could significantly influence on DAX index in the near term. DAX index has advanced again above 15,500 points, and if the price jumps above 15,800 points, the next target could be at 16,000 points.

The post DAX index forecast ahead of the ECB meeting appeared first on Invezz.

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