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7 Short Squeeze Penny Stocks To Buy For Under $5 Right Now

Short squeeze penny stocks to watch right now.
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Penny stocks are something that retail traders have flocked to over the last few years. Since the pandemic, people find it isn’t as hard to make money in the stock market as they initially thought. That’s thanks, in part, to these newbies taking time to learn about other ways to make money during lock-down.

Fast-forward to 2021, and explosive moves from the likes of AMC Entertainment and GameStop captivate a new generation of “investors” looking for quicker ways to profit. This risk-on environment has led to the rising interest in buying cheap stocks. Today we look at a handful of names that can be purchased for under $4 right now. But whether or not they’re worth the risk is up to you to decide.

Penny Stocks TL;DR 30-Second Summary

  • Penny stocks aren’t for the timid but the profit potentil that can come from them is hard to inore.
  • By definition, these cheap stocks can be bought for under $5 a share, which is a big attraction to those looking for volatility.
  • Today we look at a few penny stocks to buy for under $5

The name of the game is leveraging small moves in share price to capitalize on a significant percentage gain. It’s simple math, really. Let’s assume you’ve got a $4 stock in your portfolio. Instead of needing it to move several dollars for a big windfall, it only needs to jump pennies. In this case, a move of less than $1 equates to a jump of 20% or greater.

Trading penny stocks doesn’t come without risk, and a small move in the opposite direction can cut your portfolio value just a quick. Regardless, today we look at a few penny stocks that can be bought for less than $5. You decide if the risk is too high or not.

Short Squeeze Penny Stocks To Buy Under $4

  1. Leap Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPTX)
  2. Nuverra Environmental Solutions Inc. (NYSE: NES)
  3. Tellurian Inc. (NYSE: TELL)

1. Leap Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPTX)

Leap Therapeutics has been one of the biotech penny stocks to watch for weeks. Since the more significant move in September, LPTX stock has managed to experience considerable momentum. Much of this was initially due to the release of positive data related to its DKN-01 treatment candidate in gastric or gastroesophageal junction cancer. Results from a DisTinGuish study, where DKN-01 was combined with BeiGene’s tislelizumab and chemotherapy, demonstrated noticeable tolerability.

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Jumping ahead to this year and the company has continued impressing Wall Street. Mizuho Securities and Raymond James have boosted price targets and maintained Buy ratings or equivalent. Furthermore, Leap could have several potential catalysts coming from two industry-related conference presentations this week. Earlier this week, CEO Douglas E. Onsi was at the HC Wainwright BioConnect Conference and, during the second half, will also present at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference.

With a favorable analyst outlook, robust data from current studies, and upcoming presentations this week, LPTX could be one of the sub-$4 penny stocks to watch right now. It also doesn’t hurt mentioning that stocks with higher short interest are a favorite among retail traders. According to Fintel.IO, LPTX has a short float percentage of just over 18% right now.

2. Nuverra Environmental Solutions Inc. (NYSE: NES)

Nuverra is another one of the penny stocks we’ve followed lately. Like LPTX, NES stock has also fallen into the short squeeze penny stocks category. As of this article, the short float percentage sits around 26.75%, according to the latest data from TD Ameritrade.

The energy services logistics company has benefited from the recent excitement in industry-related names. As oil prices have risen, so has an interest in companies like Nuverra. Its suite of services offers energy companies the means to reach safety and environmental compliance standards, and a new acquisition has brought some added interest heading into the new year.

Nuverra entered into an acquisition agreement with Select Energy Services Inc. (NYSE: WTTR). This deal adds to Select’s growing list of M&A targets, and with the transaction expected to close this quarter, the countdown has begun. With this backdrop, NES stock has become one of the ancillary energy stocks to watch in January.

best short squeeze penny stocks to buy under 5 Nuverra Environmental Solutions NES stock chart

3. Tellurian Inc. (NYSE: TELL)

Similar to Nuverra, Tellurian has benefited from growing bullishness pushing energy stocks. In this case, the company manages and owns a portfolio of natural gas and liquified natural gas (LNG) assets. Everything from production to marketing and infrastructure falls under Tellurian’s umbrella. With reopening trends focusing on alternative fuel sources, LNG is one of the famous “bridge fuels” growing in popularity.

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Some speculative trading might also have stemmed from Tellurian’s $50 million financing round last November. No new updates have come from the company since. However, the money was earmarked for “potential acquisition of upstream assets,” among other things. Meanwhile, President and CEO Octávio Simões said in Tellurian’s last quarterly update:

“By year-end 2021, we plan to produce approximately 70 million cubic feet equivalent per day (mmcfed). In addition, we have authorized a new drilling program and plan to drill 12 – 14 wells to produce approximately 220 mmcfed by year-end 2022. We have turned our focus to financing Driftwood LNG and plan to give Bechtel notice to proceed with construction in early 2022.”

In line with this list of penny stocks, TELL stock has also been in the spotlight for its higher short interest too. According to Fintel and TD Ameritrade data, the short float percentage sits around 14%.

best short squeeze penny stocks to buy under 5 Tellurian Resources TELL stock chart

7 Short Squeeze Penny Stocks

This is a continuation of our list of short squeeze penny stocks earlier in the week, “Short Squeeze Penny Stocks To Buy Now? 4 To Watch Under $5,” which included the first four names below:

In addition, the following penny stocks under $5 have also seen increased momentum thanks to curiosity about these highly volatility names:

  • Leap Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Nuverra Environmental Solutions Inc.
  • Tellurian Inc.

If you’re interested in stocks like these, it’s vital to have a well-oil trading strategy in place before deciding to buy or avoid certain stocks. Knowing why something is moving and understanding the potential downside can also help.

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The post 7 Short Squeeze Penny Stocks To Buy For Under $5 Right Now appeared first on Penny Stocks to Buy, Picks, News and Information |

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Mortgage rates get close to the yearly high of 7.49%

Mortgage rates started the week at 7.28%, got as high as 7.47%, and ended at 7.39%. That’s close to the yearly high of 7.49%.



Mortgage rates shot up last week after a hawkish Federal Reserve meeting, even though they didn’t raise rates. In addition, jobless claims data had another solid print, showing that the labor market hasn’t broken yet, which led to more selling of the 10-year yield. Mortgage rates did find some relief on Friday as bond yields headed lower. 

On housing inventory, new listings data saw a small decline last week, but active listings grew at a healthy clip. Purchase application data had another positive week, pulling off back-to-back positive prints.

Mortgage rates and the bond market

Last week was wild for the 10-year yield, as the key support line that I have been talking about for weeks broke after the Fed meeting, sending the 10-year yield to highs last seen in 2007. The 10-year yield fell on Friday, bringing some relief, but we got very close to yearly highs for mortgage rates. Mortgage rates started the week at 7.28%, got as high as 7.47%, and ended at 7.39%. The yearly high is 7.49%.

I have noticed for weeks now that the spreads between the 10-year yield and mortgage rates are better, so rates didn’t hit new highs last week, even with the 10-year yield breaking to new yearly highs.

The Fed sounded hawkish in their talk on Wednesday, but their rate hike cycle is over now, with the possibility of only one more rate hike if they think it’s warranted. The labor market isn’t as tight anymore, but jobless claims had another solid print and are near monthly lows. The four-week moving average for jobless claims is 217,000 — far from the key level of 323,000 level that I think would trigger a Fed pivot.

Weekly housing inventory data

Whenever mortgage rates rise, I fear that the weekly new listings data will decline more aggressively because homebuyers simply throw in the towel on listing their homes to sell because higher rates make it less attractive to sell and buy another home

Last week on CNBC, I talked about how I still believe that we will see some flat to positive year-over-year data because we have had to deal with higher rates for longer and we haven’t see new listings data take a meaningful fall lower. A lot of this has to do with this data line trending at the lowest levels ever. I explained my premise here in this interview on CNBC.

We have had some volatile weekly numbers in the new listings data recently, but even with the mortgage rate spike, the decline was orderly, as it has been all year. So, I am not worried about another leg lower in the data.

  • Sept. 15: 61,852
  • Sept. 23: 59,107

There is some positive news: weekly active listings grew 9,312. This is not at the levels that I think we should see with mortgage rates this high, which would be between 11,000-17,000 weekly, but it’s good enough, considering that we are almost done with September. I am a very pro-supply person because more supply brings balance. It’s been hard to grow the housing supply this year as home sales are stable compared to last year’s massive collapse in demand.

According to Altos Research:

  • Weekly inventory change (Sept. 15–22): Inventory rose from  518,626 to 527,938
  • Same week last year (Sept. 16-23): Inventory rose from 552,042 to 556,865
  • The inventory bottom for 2022 was 240,194
  • The inventory peak for 2023 so far is 527,938
  • For context, active listings for this week in 2015 were 1,198,033

Historically, one-third of all homes have price cuts every year. Last week’s price cuts were lower than last year at the same time by 4%. This is happening with rates over 7%, too, and part of the reason is that housing inventory has been negative year over year since mid-June. Last year, inventory grew fast as the mortgage rate shock toward 7% created faster and higher price-cut data.

The housing market still has major affordability issues, and we are seeing a higher number of price cuts than in 2015-2017. Back then, we ran at 33%; in 2018 and 2019, it was 36%.

  • 2021 28%
  • 2022 41%
  • 2023  37%

Purchase application data

Purchase application data was 2% higher last week, making the year-to-date count 17 positive prints, 18 negative prints, and one flat week. If we start from Nov. 9, 2022, it’s been 24 positive prints versus 18 negative prints and one flat week. The week-to-week data has gotten softer since mortgage rates have been trending above 7%. However, it’s not crashing like it was last year.

The week ahead: Housing and inflation data

We have another week of housing data ahead with new home sales, pending home sales, the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller home price index and the FHFA home price index. The pending home sales data should come in soft with the recent spike in mortgage rates. Also, we have the PCE inflation report, the main inflation data that the Federal Reserve tracks. As always, the Thursday jobless claims data is the key for this cycle and mortgage rates. 

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Saudi Arabia Sentences Schoolgirl To 18 Years In Prison Over Tweets

Saudi Arabia Sentences Schoolgirl To 18 Years In Prison Over Tweets

Via Middle East Eye,

Saudi Arabia has sentenced a secondary schoolgirl…



Saudi Arabia Sentences Schoolgirl To 18 Years In Prison Over Tweets

Via Middle East Eye,

Saudi Arabia has sentenced a secondary schoolgirl to 18 years in jail and a travel ban for posting tweets in support of political prisoners, according to a rights group.

On Friday, ALQST rights group, which documents human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, revealed that the Saudi Specialised Criminal Court handed out the sentence in August to 18-year-old Manal al-Gafiri, who was only 17 at the time of her arrest.

Via Reuters

The Saudi judiciary, under the de facto rule of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has issued several extreme prison sentences over cyber activism and the use of social media for criticising the government.

They include the recent death penalty against Mohammed al-Ghamdi, a retired teacher, for comments made on Twitter and YouTube, and the 34-year sentence of Leeds University doctoral candidate Salma al-Shehab over tweets last year.

The crown prince confirmed Ghamdi's sentence during a wide-ranging interview with Fox News on Wednesday. He blamed it on "bad laws" that he cannot change

"We are not happy with that. We are ashamed of that. But [under] the jury system, you have to follow the laws, and I cannot tell a judge [to] do that and ignore the law, because... that's against the rule of law," he said.

Saudi human rights defenders and lawyers, however, disputed Mohammed bin Salman's allegations and said the crackdown on social media users is correlated with his ascent to power and the introduction of new judicial bodies that have since overseen a crackdown on his critics. 

"He is able, with one word or the stroke of a pen, in seconds, to change the laws if he wants," Taha al-Hajji, a Saudi lawyer and legal consultant with the European Saudi Organisation for Human Rights, told Middle East Eye this week.

According to Joey Shea, Saudi Arabia researcher at Human Rights Watch, Ghamdi was sentenced under a counterterrorism law passed in 2017, shortly after Mohammed bin Salman became crown prince. The law has been criticised for its broad definition of terrorism.

Similarly, two new bodies - the Presidency of State Security and the Public Prosecution Office - were established by royal decrees in the same year.

Rights groups have said that the 2017 overhaul of the kingdom's security apparatus has significantly enabled the repression of Saudi opposition voices, including those of women rights defenders and opposition activists. 

"These violations are new under MBS, and it's ridiculous that he is blaming this on the prosecution when he and senior Saudi authorities wield so much power over the prosecution services and the political apparatus more broadly," Shea said, using a common term for the prince.

Tyler Durden Sun, 09/24/2023 - 11:30

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Biden To Join UAW Picket Line As Strike Expands, Good Luck Getting Repairs

Biden To Join UAW Picket Line As Strike Expands, Good Luck Getting Repairs

Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

In a symbolic, photo-op…



Biden To Join UAW Picket Line As Strike Expands, Good Luck Getting Repairs

Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

In a symbolic, photo-op gesture to win union votes, Biden will head to Michigan for a token visit.

Biden to Walk the Picket Line

Taking Sides

CNN had some Interesting comments on Biden Talking Sides.

Jeremi Suri, a presidential historian and professor at University of Texas at Austin, said he doesn’t believe any president has ever visited a picket line during a strike.

Presidents, including Biden, have previously declined to wade into union disputes to avoid the perception of taking sides on issues where the negotiating parties are often engaged in litigation.

On September 15, the day the strike started, Biden said that the automakers “should go further to ensure record corporate profits mean record contracts for the UAW.”

Some Democratic politicians have been urging Biden to do more. California Rep. Ro Khanna on Monday told CNN’s Vanessa Yurkevich that Biden and other Democrats should join him on the picket line.

“I’d love to see the president out here,” he said, arguing the Democratic Party needs to demonstrate it’s “the party of the working class.”

UAW Announces New Strike Locations

As the strike enters a second week, UAW Announces New Strike Locations

UAW President Shawn Fain called for union members to strike at noon ET Friday at 38 General Motors and Stellantis facilities across 20 states. He said the strike call covers all of GM and Stellantis’ parts distribution facilities.

The strike call notably excludes Ford, the third member of Detroit’s Big Three, suggesting the UAW is more satisfied with the progress it has made on a new contract with that company.

General Motors plants being told to strike are in Pontiac, Belleville, Ypsilanti, Burton, Swartz Creek and Lansing, Michigan; West Chester, Ohio; Aurora, Colorado; Hudson, Wisconsin; Bolingbrook, Illinois; Reno, Nevada; Rancho Cucamonga, California; Roanoke, Texas; Martinsburg, West Virginia; Brandon, Mississippi; Charlotte, North Carolina; Memphis, Tennessee; and Lang Horne, Pennsylvania.

The Stellantis facilities going on strike are in Marysville, Center Line, Warren, Auburn Hills, Romulus and Streetsboro, Michigan; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Plymouth, Minnesota; Commerce City, Colorado; Naperville, Illinois; Ontario, California; Beaverton, Oregon; Morrow, Georgia; Winchester, Virginia; Carrollton, Texas; Tappan, New York; and Mansfield, Massachusetts.

Contract Negotiations Are Not Close

Good Luck Getting Repairs

Party of the Working Cass, Really?

Let’s discuss the nonsensical notion that Democrats are the party of the “working class”.

Unnecessary stimulus, reckless expansion of social services, student debt cancellation, eviction moratoriums, earned income credits, immigration policy, and forcing higher prices for all, to benefit the few, are geared towards the “unworking class”.

On top of it, Biden wants to take away your gas stove, end charter schools to protect incompetent union teachers, and force you into an EV that you do not want and for which infrastructure is not in place.

All of this increases inflation across the board as do sanctions and clean energy madness.

Exploring the Working Class Idea

If you don’t work and have no income, Biden may make your healthcare cheaper. If you do work, he seeks to take your healthcare options away.

If you want to pay higher prices for cars, give up your gas stove, be forced into an EV, subsidize wind energy then pay more for electricity on top of it, you have a clear choice. If you support those efforts, by all means, please join him on the picket line for a token photo-op (not that you will be able to get within miles for the staged charade).

But if you can think at all, you understand Biden does not support the working class, he supports the unworking class.

Tyler Durden Sun, 09/24/2023 - 10:30

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