What Big Tech’s Patents Tell Us About The Future Of Data Security

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Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple (FAMGA) are doubling down on data security.

These companies track our behavior, store our financial information, know where we work and live, what we buy, and more. Owning this data puts FAMGA on the front lines in the fight against the theft and exploitation of our personally identifiable information (PII).


Learn why quantum computing and ‘hacking-back’ could be the future of enterprise cybersecurity.


For example, Facebook recently disclosed that an unprecedented data breach, discovered on September 25, exposed the social media accounts of up to 90 million users — including login credentials — effectively compromising access to any site that lets users log in with their Facebook account.

Similarly, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has a contract with the US government called Secret Region to serve workloads across the full range of government data classifications, including Top Secret documents. Effective data security features are critical to securing this information.

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