Trading Weekly Options on Canada Goose Holdings Inc (GOOS.TO)

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Just as a follow up to our block trade on Canada Goose Holdings Inc (GOOS) from November 14, 2019,  the January 17, 2020 $46 strike call options have expired worthless, since the stock traded out-of-the money at market close.

Effectively, we have captured the full option premium of $4.31/share and our cost is now reduced to $42.19/share. The trade mechanics are below:

Table—Expiration of January $46 strike calls for trade placed on November 13th, 2019 at CIBC Private Wealth

Bought 10000 Shares of GOOS

@ $46.50

Sold 100 Jan 2020 $46 calls (expired)

@   $4.31

Our net cost  (Net Debit)

$42.19/share CAD

Now that there is no option covering the stock, we have decided to take advantage of weekly option premium, by selling calls for January 24, 2020 at $45 strike price. For this option series, we have collected $0.8695/share on January 20th. This represents 1.93% call away return in only 5 days, based on closing price of $45 last business day.

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