Timeline: Billion-Dollar US Fintech Exits

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From payments to insurtech to lending, fintech companies are attracting investor attention. In 2018, startups in the space raised more than $45B, a record amount, while Q3’19 fintech funding recently clocked in with a quarterly record of nearly $9B.

As the industry continues to mature, with more funding going to mid- and late-stage companies, it’s also seeing a number of exits — including highly valued events like Square‘s nearly $3B IPO and Centerbridge Partners’ $1.5B purchase of insurance platform GoHealth.


Q3’19 fintech funding topped $8.3B, but fintech deals rebounded slightly. Download the free report for all the details.


Since 2014, 12 fintech companies have exited via an IPO or M&A deal valued at $1B or more. Using CB Insights’ market intelligence platform, we visualized these exits together in one timeline.

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