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By coincidence, not design (honest), the last two posts told you not to set your pants on fire, remain calm, go for a tummy rub and be a long-term thinker instead of a timorous chicken. How’s that for mixed images? But you know what I mean. Just chill. Especially this week. It could be a stinker.

My colleagues Sinan (he was vice-president of RBC Capital Markets in New York City) and Doug (a veteran portfolio manager and Bay Street analyst) had a simple message: stay invested. The storm will pass. It’s not actually different this time. Emotional decisions have poor consequences. The headlines are more dire than reality. We are not going over a cliff. Just for a ride.

Am I making any changes to the BD portfolio that Dorothy, Bandit and I share? Not a chance. The bonds will go up as the equities go down. And later the equities will recover and the bonds fade. The overall volatility will be contained for having 40% in fixed income, with the growth assets spread between Canada, the US and overseas markets, plus some real estate trusts thrown in for more diversification. The preferred shares have lost capital value as rates decline, but who cares? The dividend is great at 4.95% (plus a tax credit) and I’m not cashing them in, so the market value is moot.

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