StatsCan Studying Canada’s Cannabis Consumption Through Wastewater

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Statistics Canada (StatsCan) is going to great depths to study national cannabis consumption rates as the cannabis market becomes more firmly entrenched across the country, according to an Ontario Tech University researcher.

StatsCan is particularly interested in tracking any remnants of illegal cannabis activity since the legalization of recreational cannabis in October 2018.

“We are entering a new era of data collection with regard to cannabis in Canada,” said Gary Genosko, professor of communication and digital media studies at Ontario Tech. “Hybrid methods of monitoring are required, no matter how speculative they may at first appear.”

In early 2018, StatsCan launched a crowdsourcing initiative to determine prices for illegal weed across the country at that time. Civic-minded consumers provided information on StatsCan’s Cannabis Hub website and were guaranteed anonymity in return. The data determined the cheapest joint for non-medical purposes in the country could be procured in Manitoba.

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