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Steve’s a baby realtor. Hey, it’s hard enough living on commish in a market nobody actually understands. So why is the industry actually making it harder?

“So Garth,” he says, sarcasm building, “thought you might like this little nugget of transparency from my local real estate board, TREB.  Just saw this on the newswire.  Very happy as a new realtor to have such easy access to valuable market data…certainly nothing to do with catastrophic sales figures…”

Here’s the news – on a Monday when 45,000 local agents always used to get a snapshot of how the market was doing, so they could properly guide their clients. No more. Shhhhh. It’s a secret.

As you know, days ago financial analyst Shafquat Arefeen was spanked by realtor lawyers for using MLS data to create a visual of delusional Toronto real estate on his site. Fearing a law suit, he folded. Shaf was the latest citizen to be bullied and silenced. Meanwhile GTA realtors continue to fight the federal government over making its data publicly accessible (the way Viewpoint does down east). Ottawa says it is anti-competitive and not in the public interest. And now, because they might be “susceptible to volatility” the local cartel has punted mid-month stats, robbing agents and buyers of one more tool to ascertain market trends.

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Author, Garth Turner has been a member of the Canadian Parliamant for nine years, serving as Member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister (in charge of Canada Revenue Agency), national leadership contender (Progressive Conservative Party of Canada), House of Commons Standing Committee member and chairman (Consumer and Corporate Affairs, Finance), Special Advisor to the Leader of the Official Opposition. He is a member of the Privy Council of Canada. In addition, Garth is an ambitious entrepreneur – founder and CEO of Canada’s largest independent producer of network television, providing programming to CTV, Global, YTV and others. He founded and successfully operated chain of six community newspapers in Ontario as well as founded and operated eco-tourism and hospitality company aggregating and restoring heritage properties.

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