Recalling 2010 - Craig Hemke (14/05/2019)

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May 14, 2019

On several occasions since late 2018, we've written about the

current similarities to 2010. This "2010 9" theory became our theme

for 2019, and we wrote about it here:

Well, here we are in May and it's time to check in on the

status of this forecast. The parallels to 2010 are becoming clearer. Plus,

there are additional risks that are coming to the forefront.

COMPARISONS OF 2010 vs 2019

Slowing U.S. economy … "Green shoots" fade, GDP slows

Federal Reserve appearing to be “in control” … QE1 vs QT

Pending reversal of Federal Reserve policy

Political discord … budget blowout,

debt ceiling, ratings downgrade

To that list, we must also add these 2019-specific events:

Nearly $22T in total U.S. debt with annual $1T deficits

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