Private Labels Rising: How Retailer Products Are Taking Off And Transforming The CPG Industry

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Around the middle of the twentieth century, there was what The Atlantic called a “Cambrian explosion” of brands.

Tide, Crest, Band-Aid, Lipton, and other branded packaged goods — and the conglomerates that manufactured them — reigned. Store brands from retailers were seen as down-budget choices.

Today, tastes have changed.

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Costco, one of the top wine sellers in the country, now sees 15% of its overall wine sales going to private-label products. Target’s Cat & Jack kids’ line has delivered double-digit results since its 2016 launch, even as traditional retailers struggle to stay afloat.

Private-label sales are projected to grow to capture 25% of dollars in the next decade. This has major implications for CPG brands which once had a symbiotic relationship with the retailers that now pose the greatest threat.

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