Precious Metals and Commodities Weekly (Video)

Sep 21 10:09 2017 Print This Article

Our weekly walk through of precious metals, energy and soft commodities using a combination of commentary and technical analysis.

This week we assess the markets post the overnight FOMC which was surprisingly upbeat, causing a U.S. dollar rally.

We will also see why the rain in Argentina is causing mischief in the corn and wheat markets.

Gold 0:00:00, Silver 00:04:30, Platinum 00:06:20, Palladium 00:08:20, Copper 00:10:55, Natural Gas 00:12:40, Brent 00:13:55, WTI 00:17:20, Sugar 00:19:40, Corn 00:21:00, Soybeans 00:22:30, Wheat 00:24:15

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