Overvalued Stocks are Ruining the Economy - Rory Hall

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September 13, 2017

From our perspective, the the corporate stock buybacks have been doing

major damage to corporate America. If these companies were not buying

their own stock for the past three years their “price” would be half or

less than it is today. Who in the right mind believes Amazon’s stock is

worth upwards of $1,000 per share? What is this based on?

The damage corporate stock buybacks has done to the economy can not

be over-emphasized. If the “C” level executives are simply “recycling”

company stock and driving the price higher they are unable to reinvest

in the company. This means no new equipment, no new hires, no R&D

and the list continues. This is destructive to the economy. Nothing


Now we see the S&P littered with overvalued stocks. This is not

going to end well and as the economy continues to rot-on-the-vine as “C”

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