Natural Infrastructure Improves Water Quality in Agricultural Landscapes: Research

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New research helps build the case for harnessing the power of natural infrastructure for large-scale wetland restoration. This approach can help improve water quality in agricultural landscapes, according to Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC).

“Ducks Unlimited Canada’s research uncovers the unique relationships among wetlands, watershed health, and biodiversity,” said Phil Holst, director for Ducks Unlimited Canada and chair of DUC’s national conservation committee. “[It] is central to helping us understand the potential impacts of our conservation actions. It also equips us with the data we need to take a meaningful message to Canadians about the role of wetlands as a natural solution for clean water.”

As part of its conservation program in the Lake Erie watershed, DUC quantified the extent to which restored wetlands capture phosphorus from surface-water runoff before it entered downstream rivers and lakes. Researchers assessed eight recently restored wetlands for one year and measured their efficiency in capturing nutrients.

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