Mortgage Tech 101: What It Is & Why It’s Taking Off Now

Dec 07 18:12 2017 Print This Article

By the end of 2017, nearly $1.8T worth of mortgages will have been originated in the United States this year, according to government-backed mortgage lender Freddie Mac.

Yet, despite the size of the mortgage industry, the space still hasn’t digitized. Originating, processing, and underwriting a home loan with a large bank lender still requires faxes and snail mail and take almost as long as it did 20 years.


Fintech deals and funding are on track to reach record highs in 2017. See what’s happened in Q3’17, we’ll review the deals, dollars, investments, and more.


Given the size and profitability of the industry, mortgages have lately become a prime target for tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

The impact of tech on the mortgage market is still in the early innings. In this analysis, we examine what mortgage tech is, what its impact will be on incumbent players and fintechs, and the key drivers creating a big opportunity in mortgages now.

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