Morning News: July 12, 2019

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France Moves to Tax Tech Giants, Stoking Fight With White House

Beijing Signals Talks at Early Stage as Trump Vents Frustration

Jerome Powell Is Becoming Central Banker to the World

This Could Be a Rare Time When It’s Smart to Fight the Fed

Bond Returns Have Been Spectacular. Don’t Count on a Sequel.

Buying Lattes Is Not Keeping You From Being Rich

Amazon Plans High-End Echo, Ramps Up Work on Alexa Home Robot

As Nations Look to Tax Tech Firms, U.S. Scrambles to Broker a Deal

Volkswagen to Contribute $2.6 Billion to Ford’s Autonomous Venture

Daimler Warns on Profit Again, Blames Diesel and Recall Costs

Accenture Picks Julie Sweet as Chief Executive

Bed Bath & Beyond Is Circling the Drain

Jeff Miller: Stock Exchange: Are You Guilty Of Risk Creep?

Howard Lindzon: The Tariff Man

Ben Carlson: Trends That May End With The Baby Boomers

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