MAPF Performance : May, 2019

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Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fund’s Net Asset Value per Unit as of the close May 31, 2019, was $8.1061.

Returns to May 31, 2019



BMO-CM “50” Preferred Share Index

TXPR*Total Return

CPD – according to Blackrock

One Month





Three Months





One Year





Two Years (annualized)





Three Years (annualized)





Four Years (annualized)





Five Years (annualized)





Six Years (annualized)





Seven Years (annualized)





Eight Years (annualized)





Nine Years (annualized)





Ten Years (annualized)





Eleven Years (annualized)





Twelve Years (annualized)





Thirteen Years (annualized)





Fourteen Years (annualized)

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PrefBlog is presented as a public service by Hymas Investment Management Inc., Manager / Trustee of Malachite Aggressive Preferred Fundand publisher of PrefLetter, a monthly newsletter directed towards long term buy-and-hold retail investors. James Hymas, president of Hymas Investment Management Inc, with years of experience designing quantitative investment technology and applying this technology to conservative portfolios, seeks to provide institutions and retail investors with the information and advice necessary to produce top quartile returns in the preferred share market without the assumption of excess risk.

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