Lessons Learned From The Recent Recession Scare

Dec 13 12:12 2019 Print This Article

Earlier this year a number of economic analysts were convinced that a US recession was imminent. So far, however, the economy has continued to expand, albeit at a slowing pace as the year unfolded. The breathless warnings have, once again, come to naught — par for the course in recent years. The culprit, as usual: misguided business-cycle analytics.

That doesn’t mean that an all-clear signal has arrived as the year winds to a close. But reviewing the past warnings, and what most analysts got wrong, can tell us a lot about how to model recession risk to minimize the noise and maximize the signal.

The first step is to understand what not to do. Perhaps the biggest mistake is to focus on a lone indicator. For example, an economist back in January predicted that 2019 was likely to suffer the start of a new downturn. The catalyst? “We’ve got more than 80 percent chance of recession just based on the fact the Fed is tightening policy,” he warned on CNBC.

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