LCS.PR.A : Annual Report, 2018

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Brompton Lifeco Split Corp. has released its Annual Report to December 31, 2018.

LCS / LCS.PR.A Performance







Whole Unit


















S&P/TSX Capped Financial Index






S&P/TSX Composite Index






Note that the benchmarking isn’t ideal, since the Financial index will include banks, while the fund has a mandate only for insurers.

Figures of interest are:

MER: The MER per unit of the Fund, excluding Preferred share distributions (which were largely covered by the Fund’s dividend income), was 0.98% in 2018, down from 1.05% in 2017 as a result of better fixed-cost absorption.

Average Net Assets: We need this to calculate portfolio yield; and it’s tricky because “The Fund completed a treasury offering of Class A shares and Preferred shares for aggregate gross proceeds of approximately $38.6 million on February 6, 2018.”. Preferred Share distributions of 4,055,809 @ 0.575 / share implies 7.054-million shares out on average. Average Unit Value (beginning & end of year) = (16.82 + 12.71) / 2 = 14.76. Therefore 7.054-million @ 14.76 = 104.1-million average net assets.

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